all the time , Computer major is warmly sought after by College Students , The trend of the times , Market demand , So that the computer professional has a strong ability to attract money and employment prospects .

since , Computer science is so popular , I think you also want to know the best universities in this field , therefore , Today brings you the latest update “CS Rankings 2020-2021
Global university computer science rankings ”, The ranking is also quite authoritative in the industry , Widely accepted , It is worth studying .

What's on the list

Carnegie Mellon University ( Carmel ,CMU) Top of the list , University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign (UIUC), MIT (MIT) Take the second place on the list , Three .MIT
I can't beat Carmel ? This explanation is understandable , however  U.S.News Fully mechanized platoon 47 Named UIUC Can surpass MIT
, Second in the world ? About that , After you know the ranking basis of the list in the following , Maybe you can understand .

Chinese mainland universities are eye-catching , share 7 Three mainland universities are among the top universities in the world 50 name , Tsinghua ranked fourth , after MIT,
More than Stanford , Cornell , Berkeley and other famous schools , Peking University ranked sixth , The performance was equally excellent . Especially in artificial intelligence (AI) In this single item , Tsinghua University and Peking University ranked first respectively , proxime accessit .

In the top ten , share 8 Four American Universities , Top 50 , share 30 Three American universities were shortlisted .

Next, let's show you “CS Rankings 2020-2021 Global university computer science rankings ” Top 50 .

About this ranking

Professor, School of computer and information science, University of Massachusetts Emery Berger Published CS Rankings Project has been updated to 2021 year ,CS Rankings
It is a global ranking of universities in the field of computer science , It is mainly based on the number of papers published at the top academic conferences in the computer field of each university , The earliest time limit can be set from 1970 From 2005 , until 2021 year .

It can be said that this ranking basically focuses on the academic level .

Ranking of sub sectors

In addition to the overall ranking ,CS Rankings It also provides
artificial intelligence (AI), System class (Tystems), theory (Theory), Interdisciplinary field (Interdisciplinary Areas) etc. 4 Big field and here 4
Under the branch of big field  26 Ranking of three sub disciplines .

In the field of artificial intelligence , China's colleges and universities are brilliant .

01 artificial intelligence

Sub disciplines : artificial intelligence , computer vision , Machine learning and data acquisition , natural language processing , Web Information Retrieval .

In the field of artificial intelligence , Universities in Chinese mainland can be brilliant. , Tsinghua University ranked first , second , The University of the Chinese Academy of Sciences ranked fourth , Shanghai Jiaotong University ranked eighth . Carmel, who ranks first in all, ranks third here .

02 System class

Sub disciplines : Computer architecture , computer network , computer security , database , Automation design , Embedded real time system , High performance computing , mobile computing , Measurement and performance analysis , operating system , programing language , software engineering .

03 theory

Sub disciplines : Algorithm and complexity , cryptography , Logic and verification .

04 Interdisciplinary field

Sub disciplines : Computational biology and Bioinformatics , computer graphics , Economics and Computing , human-computer interaction , robot , visualization .

The above is the latest “CS Rankings 2020-2021 Global university computer science rankings ” The basic content of , Here is a long winded sentence , We must not be superstitious in the data of the ranking . Every ranking ,
They all have a common flaw ——“ single ”.

Each list has its own ranking basis , The emphasis is different , Therefore, the contents displayed in the list only have reference value under specific standards , The information we get from it is also very limited , Moderate reference is enough ~