If you want to pass AirTag To track your suitcase , So in most scenes, it can help you pinpoint , This will help you find your suitcase quickly .Executive
Traveller Some common use scenarios are summarized , It has been measured at the airport , Found in one case AirTag It didn't help at all ...

   We used to stand around the carousel at the airport , Waiting for luggage to be discharged from the slide , Then follow the winding conveyor belt to where we stand . Will Apple's latest gadget become the most popular travel accessory after noise reduction headphones ?Executive
Traveller With AirTag Check out the marked luggage at the airport .

   Don't airlines want to disable Bluetooth gadgets during flight ? that AirTag In the process of using, Bluetooth signal will be sent intermittently . The good news is that , Although there may be potential legal and security issues , but
AirTag It can be used in Airport Flights . include Tile And other baggage tracking devices are also in use , And passengers are also using wireless Bluetooth headsets during the flight , So it's really not a problem .

   It is also worth noting that . Although airlines have banned rechargeable lithium-ion batteries from entering checked luggage ( Including the so-called " Smart luggage "), But that doesn't apply to tiny disposable devices CR2023
lithium battery . in addition , They are already in millions of tiles and keychains in the cargo hold .

   When your luggage is lost on the way , Or when you want to make sure it's somewhere at the airport ,AirTag
It may also prove useful . A colleague recalled , On the flight from Los Angeles to Sydney , Her bag didn't show up on the conveyor belt , Finally, she was told that her bag was actually one of many that had not been loaded at Los Angeles International Airport . And in fact , All the luggage has arrived in Sydney , Just open it
Find My The app can find it nearby .

   same , If your luggage is unloaded from the carousel due to the large amount of luggage , Or a bag accidentally appears on the oversized luggage counter ,AirTag
It should help you confirm that fact -- Instead of standing there watching other people's luggage go around .

   however , In one case, it won't help : Track your luggage in the airport conveyor system , Although there will be airport staff with it iPhone Working nearby . It was measured at the airport AirTag
after , It hardly works in this case .AirTag Real time tracking is not suitable for moving objects , Unless they're moving at the most leisurely speed .

   in other words , in use iPhone 12 Of Find My Function tracking AirTag
In the trunk , If the trunk is in motion , So even in front of your eyes, you may not be able to recognize it . Only when the equipment is still can it be identified .

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