There is a popular default saying in the programming world called “ gold 5 year ”, That is to say, a programmer starts from the beginning of his career , The choice of the first five years directly affects the career development direction and salary trend in the whole career , How to do this well 5 year , Completely transformed from a rookie into a professional bull who can respond to changes with constancy , This is a big problem related to the reserve and selection of their own professional knowledge , that , In the past five years , One Java How can a programmer complete his career promotion ?

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When you learn Java After the basic knowledge of , You are not enough to work , You need to continue your studies . You need to learn Java Development framework . In order to improve the efficiency of development , I'll use some Java
Web frame . At present, the mainstream is SSM frame , Namely spring,springmvc,mybatis. You need to learn how to build these three frameworks , And use them to make a simple addition, deletion, modification and query Web project . You can't understand what those configurations mean , And why , Keep these for you to understand later .


But you have to be able to quickly build one out of the three Web frame , You can record the first time you build it , In the process of building , You can also find out by the way maven Knowledge of . At this stage of your life , You just need to get to know it on the Internet maven The basic usage is enough , Some high-end usage will increase with your work experience , You'll come into contact with it .

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Students in this part of the time , Already Java With a deeper understanding . This year , You have to be familiar with design patterns , in addition , Design patterns are not your only task this year , You also need to read books about code optimization . to make a long story short , This stage , Your core task is to improve your code ability , Write elegant code .


in addition , in the past 2 In the past two years , You must have been more or less exposed to concurrent diseases . At this time , You should learn more about concurrency , meanwhile , At this stage, you need to do more than that . At this time , You should have a better understanding of the framework you are using , about Java We also have a deeper understanding of the class library . therefore , You need to see some JDK The source code of the class in , Also include the source code of the framework you are using . to make a long story short , This stage , What you need to do is learn more Java Bottom and bottom Java Class library , that is JVM and JDK Related contents of . It's also important to learn more about the framework you're using , Compare the recommended way to see the source code or see the official document .




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Students at this stage , It's hard to improve , And this stage of learning tends to be more diversified . Because before 3 In the course of the year , You must have been exposed to some other technology , For example, big data , Distributed cache , Distributed message service , Distributed computing , Soft load balancing and so on . These technologies , You can master any of them , Will be a huge advantage in your future interview , So if you're interested in a technology , At this time, we can study it in depth . This technology doesn't have to be used in your work , But it must be relevant .




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Go to work 4 Year to 5 My classmates , I believe you already have your own opinions in the field you study , At this time , Technically, you should have met a bottleneck . Don't rush to improve your skills at this time , It's time to increase your influence , You can try to go to some well-known companies to improve your background , You can publish articles to influence more people . of course , You can go, too Github Create an open source project that belongs to you , To build your own products . This stage of Technology Learning , It's easy to meet bottlenecks , And often after reaching a certain degree , If you go further, the effect will be very little , Unless you specialize in academic research . But it's a pity , Most programs can't do that , That's what scientists do . It's not just the technical bottlenecks that make it more influential at this time , More influence can create more opportunities for you .


therefore , At this stage , Your biggest task is to improve your influence , Prepare for the day when you will work in the next ten years