CobaltStrike It's a very powerful tool , and MSF similar , But it's more powerful .

first CobaltStrike After downloading the package , The server only supports linux In the system , At the same time, this tool is needed java Environmental , The government encourages everyone to use it , But I installed it here for convenience ubuntu It's very simple openjdk-8-jdk:
Java Installation procedure :1. Update the source first , command sudo apt-get update -version( Of course, it doesn't need to be installed , If not, there will be installation options )
3.sudo apt-get install openjdk-8-jdk( Middle step input Y)
Java The environment is installed
open CobaltStrike Server side of :
1. In the file directory , Input command :./teamserver+ip+ password
be careful : If it doesn't work , Maybe it's a permission issue , Just modify the permission :chmod 777 ./teamserver
Or is it java Environment not supported

2. utilize VPS( client ) Connect to the server
Use the Open it

All you need in the box is host Change to server-side ip address , port 50050 Fixed and unchangeable , The user name can be changed at will , The password must be written on the server side

At this point in time , It should be noted that , own 50050 Is the port open .

When the connection is successful, a string of numbers will appear, which is the same as that given by the server , Description matches with secret key , Make the connection between client and server , Without a third party

You can see that you have successfully logged in