Glory of Kings S21 Season forecast 9 month 23 Day opens , There's not much left 20 The time of the day ,9 School has already started in January , Haven't you been playing king with your friends in school for a long time , So today, let's take a look at the most important first thing in the new season , Season award skin .

one , The original Explorer

The theme of the next season is 「 Strange news of Canyon 」, The first representative skin is Guiguzi's original explorer . There are a lot of Moire designs in the original skin painting , It was mentioned in the design inspiration released by Tianmei , This is Guiguzi in yunmengze ( Yunzhong Jun and Yao's hometown ) During the study of mysterious forces , suffer “ Mountains and seas ” A new cloak inspired .

No matter in color matching or design , Guiguzi's new skin painting is really cool , But Lao Wang found a very embarrassing problem .

Why does Guiguzi's new skin look so similar 「 Fairy treasure can dream 」 Where's lucario in the park ! Unexpected accident , It was an absolute accident , It's either a coincidence , Or a salute , There is absolutely no problem “ draw lessons from ” behavior !( Manual dog head )

Appearance animation

Although has the super lovable original painting as well as the brand-new model , But there is no new animation , After all, it's just a free season reward , What else do you want for free . But there is a saying , This weapon model is really good , The character model is OK , At least it looks like the same skin as the original , Unlike some iron new skin .

One skill

The moment of skill opening , There will be many blue elves around Guiguzi , The body becomes transparent with a faint blue light , When you touch the enemy, the mark becomes a blue elf .

Two skills

Second, the development of skills “ guide ” During the circle added a sound wave diffusion like effect , There are many blue elves dancing in it , It's like a midsummer night's dream of low configuration . Lao Wang has decided , This skin will be called 「 Ghost of midsummer night 」!

Big move

The special effects of big moves are slightly inferior , Almost as like as two peas of one skill. , But I understand , It's free skin, after all .

two , New skin prediction

S21~S24 The theme of the season is 「 Strange news of Canyon 」, It shows that the heroes who get the skin of the season should be all heroes “ Strange people ”, Not ordinary people . Lao Wang likes to be beaten in the face , I've decided to speculate about the future of the hero .

1, Pangu

Pangu is the king of the mainland to open up the world , The man who made the world , The giant axe in hand has the power of creation , In the end, it melts into the earth with blood , Turn into a holy mountain . most important of all , Pangu has been online for so long , There's only one associated skin , You can't go too far this season ?

2, Munchee

Talking about the strange news of the canyon , Lao Wang's first reaction was “ Dream eating tapir ” Munchee , Dreamers can travel freely in dreams , And feed on the nightmares of adventurers , That's exactly what we're supposed to do . And Mengqi is about to do it again , By the way, is there anything wrong with a new skin ?

3, Zhang Fei

Zhang Fei has been using mechanism technique to suppress the internal pressure “ Demons ” The power of , When you're in a violent state , Shackles fall , Snake spear , Magic seed . Don't think that out of ghosts there will be no more heroes , The imperial edict of Fengyi was composed of both laofuzi and XiahouDun , Now the season will not consider the collision position .

That's all for today , What other heroes do you think are likely to come out of the canyon series ? Welcome to discuss !