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5 Monthly programming language ranking . In the top ten ,C,Python,Java The top three are still in the top three . last year 11 month ,Python Short time squeeze out Java Jump to second place on the list ; this year 5 month ,Python Squeeze it out again Java, Second place again .

TIOBE Leaderboard is the most authoritative programming language in the world , be careful , It just reflects the popularity of a programming language , It doesn't mean a programming language is good , After all, there is a specialty in the industry .TIOBE The development language rankings are updated monthly , The results can be used as an effective indicator of the popularity of programming languages in the industry .

This index can be used to review whether the programming skills of developers can keep up with the trend , Or is it necessary to make strategic changes , And what programming language should be mastered in time . So as a qualified programmer , It's necessary to know in real time , Keep up with the trend , Avoid being eliminated .

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talk about , last year 11 month ,Python Occupy the second place in the list for a short time , This month Python Second on the list again . It is likely to rise to the top in the second half of the year , because C Language is losing its popularity ( image Java equally ), The difference is only 0.11%, But it can be reasonably assumed Python It will now hold its second position for a longer time . In the second half of the year , It might even become TIOBE First place in index , because C( It's like Java equally ) It's losing popularity .

TOP 10 programing language TIOBE Index trend chart (2002-2020)

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Programming language Hall of fame

lately 10 coming year , The hall of fame of each year's programming language of the year award winners is shown below . The award goes to the programming language with the highest score of the year .


Some people say that I only use the programming language I currently use , No matter how other languages change . But I think we still have to keep up with the trend , Keep up with the changes of the times , Learn more about the world's programming language trends , Look at the trend of the times , If necessary, we can adjust our own strategy , Only in this way can we go further on the road of programming .

In recent years ,Python Language is becoming more and more popular , And there is transcendence C Language takes the first place in the list , So why is it so popular , How hot ? There must be a reason for it , For example, in the field of machine learning , Data analysis , Reptiles, etc , exceed 75% People who use it Python To develop , So it's in big data , The role of artificial intelligence .

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