<> title : A letter from a mechanical and electrical student to himself ten years later

Ten years later :

When you open this letter , Is it a sleepless night like now ? It's muggy , The family are all asleep , No one talks to you , All you can hear is the rustle of the fan standing beside you . There's no light , Look at the screen in front of you , You're lost in thought ……

The memory is back 2020 year , This is a special year . National War epidemic , Groups of medical staff rushed to the front line , The whole people are separated from each other at home . Novel coronavirus pneumonia is too sudden , Let everyone be at a loss . Schools stop offline Teaching , A lot of things are in school , After online classes , You like to play games and small experiments . at first , You don't go to these games for a purpose , It's just interest and passion . Meet a few like-minded students , Do what you say , We formed a team , And gave the team a name — Sleepless , I want to win a place . You at that time , I stay up late every day , Sometimes in order to catch up with the progress of the work system to write a new module , Achieve a simple small function , Even stayed up all night . Although very tired , But you learn a lot , For example, what is it FPGA, What is machine vision , What is software design , What is hardware design , You also know the occupation corresponding to this knowledge . Will you be engaged in these professions in the future ? What are the prospects of these professions ? Is this what you want ? Inadvertently , You think about the rest of your life ……

stay CSDN I read a blog , Here comes the Chinese programmer 35 If you haven't transferred to the management , Or go out and start a business , Then you are likely to face layoffs , And then be a delivery boy . Although there is an element of exaggeration and ridicule , But there is not much difference ( Huawei is a good example ). Hardware Engineer's words , The older, the more fragrant , There is a big gap in senior hardware engineers . But in China, it's not as advanced as that , The senior ones are all foreign enterprises . And if you want to be a skilled Hardware Engineer, it will take a lot of energy and money . Before college , I want to go to college , Engage in your own major , Realize your dream , It took a while to find out that there were too many things in it “ The way ”.

one day , You talk to a good friend about it , He said , Take the road of the moment , No one can see the way of the future . Do you think that's the reason , But when you're in a daze , You'll think of that again . Later I thought too much , Not at all , Now enrich yourself , Don't choose ease when you can struggle . Although you can't see the future and destiny , But no matter when , We all need an aggressive attitude towards the people and things around us , Keep a good heart and mind , This is the cornerstone of a good destiny .

You in ten years , I don't know if you are satisfied with your present life ? If satisfied , Please guard against arrogance and rashness and keep on working hard ( Thank you, by the way , hey , It's all my efforts that have made you live a good life , Ha ha, it's a little stinky ); If you feel that everything is not going well , Face the pressure of work every day , You have to deal with the trivial things in your life , Please don't forget the original intention , Keep optimistic and work hard , You are the most beautiful sun , It's just that sometimes dark clouds block your light , There's always a time when it's sunny after rain . then , Turn off the computer and go to sleep , Don't stay up late for people in their thirties , Don't worry your family any more .
Wu Yuxin to 2020 year 5 month 12 In the early hours of June