<> He was the first programmer from Ali , It's Ali's partner , It's a god like character

Cai Jingxian , Flower name “ Duolong ”, At the beginning of Ali , Just join Ali , He is the first programmer of Ali .

2003 year 4 One day in September , Ma Yun gives duolong a new contract , Ask him if he wants to participate in a new project . Cai Jingxian can't understand the contract in English , Ask Ma Yun if he still writes code , Ma Yun told him to write code , Cai immediately said there was no problem . Doron at that time , I don't know that this project is related to the current shopping software , He didn't know , The new contract will change his life from now on , later , This project has also changed a lot of Chinese people's lives .

Let's take a look at Doron first .

Dolon is silent most of the time in the company , I'm not good at leading a team , from 2000 Since he joined Alibaba in, he has only focused on writing code , What is Dolon's level in Ali P11, Equivalent to vice president level , He is at such a high level , Still insist on writing code on the front line .

Doron is not just focused , He also has a strong ability to solve problems , Many technical problems of the company , Just find Dolon , There's nothing he can't solve , And on call , Never complain , on one occasion , The company has a procedural problem , It's been three days and it hasn't been solved , Everybody get Dolon , Doron has a look , The problem was solved in three minutes , Instantly let people admire .

Doron is a good friend in Ali “ god ” The same existence ,“ As long as there are technical difficulties , Find Dolon , There's nothing that can't be solved ”, This is a sentence widely circulated among Ali technicians . But Doron has always positioned himself in this way :“ I'm a code writer , It's normal ”.

from 2003 Year to 2007 year , Dolon has always been responsible for the search engine work , But it's not all his work , Because his ability to solve problems is amazing . Doron can support a team by himself , Others may set up a project team to do things , And he was on his own from the beginning to the end , It can be done soon , Even if the things he was responsible for had never been touched before .

from 2000 year 2018 year ,18 The year is like a day , Some colleagues , Always want to transform as soon as possible , Go to management position , Duolong has been considering whether it can improve the technology , Do your best . on one occasion , Ali held a table tennis match , All the colleagues went to see it , Only Doron didn't go , Still sitting on the seat writing code , With that kind of concentration , It's hard not to succeed .

A lot of people asked him , What kept him so passionate for more than a decade , His answer was simple :“ Because I'm doing what I like , Writing code and solving problems makes me feel very successful ”.

Many people think that Doron is not good at words , Modest and gentle , Find him to solve the problem , Never put on airs . allegedly , Doron is not a computer major , stay 1994 long time , Duolong was admitted to the biological science major of Hangzhou University , But that didn't stop him from loving technology , The library and the computer room are his most frequent places , He will also take the machine apart to study , Take the machine to the office to consult the teacher . Graduated from non related major , But he can make achievements in the field of technology , With his love , absorbed , Heart won everyone's respect .

God will reward those who work hard ,2014 year , Ali added three new partners to its final prospectus before listing , Doron is one of them . Peng Lei, vice president of Ali, commented on him like this :“ Duolong joined Ali at the beginning of its establishment , Along with the growth of Ali , No regrets , It has helped Ali overcome many complicated technical problems , His charisma is also a model for many engineers , Duolong deserves to be Ali's partner ”.

nowadays , Duolong became Ali's partner , Or insist on writing code on the front line , His love and concentration is worth learning , meanwhile , He also tells us with his actions , Having the ability to solve problems and making yourself irreplaceable is a way to success .