plot The function is R Language is one of the most basic functions , Many parameters , It's hard to remember all the parameters in detail , Here's a summary , For easy reference .

x,y They are abscissa and ordinate .

parameter main Specify the title ( Above ),sub Specify subtitle ( Below ), xlab And ylab(lable label ) Specify separately x,y Label of shaft .
plot(x,y,main=" This is the title of the picture ",sub=" This is the subtitle ",xlab="x axis ",ylab="y axis ")

xlim limit x Axis range , The parameter value is a vector (x1,x2),x1,x2 They are x Upper and lower limits of , ylim In the same way .

type Parameter to specify the type of line , for example
plot(x,y,type="p",main = 'type="p"')

lty Specifies the line type

pch parameter (plotting character) Specifies the shape of the scatter , have access to 0 :
25 Number 26 Logo , also 21 reach 25 Several symbols can be filled with color . In addition, we can also specify any single string , as "#","$",“A”,"8" etc .

col Parameter setting color ,R provide 657 Colors , You can use it colors() see . colour col=“red”
,“yellow”,“blue”,"green" etc . You can also use integer selection to represent colors .

col.main Color of main drawing
col.sub Subtitle color
col.axis Axis color
col.lab Axis label color
fg The foreground color of the graph
bg Background color of graphics
Font and size ,cex=1 Is the default size ,cex=2 Is the default value 2 times ,0.6 Is the default value 60%.font Is the font parameter ,font=1 Corresponds to plain text ( default ),2 Corresponding to bold ,3 Corresponding to italics ,4 Corresponds to bold italics .
cex.main Title zoom
cex.sub Subtitle zoom in and out
cex.lab Label scaling
cex.axis Axis text zooming
font.main Title font
font.sub Subtitle font
font.lab Label font
font.axis Axis text font
par(mfrow=c(a,b)) Used to set the layout of the image device ( Separates the current drawing device into a*b Sub equipment ), Whether the drawing order of a graph is by column or by row depends on the parameter mfrow( that 's ok ) still mfcol( column ). Here's an example .
* adj Text and title alignment can be set , Value in [0,1] between ,0 flush left ,0.5 Center ,1 Right end alignment .

* ann=FALSE, Delete text comment (annotate)
* bty Used to set the border form , The default value is "o", It means that all four borders are drawn , Other optional values include "l"( Lower left ),“7”( Up right ),“c”( Up down left ),“u”( Left down right ),"]"
( Up down right ) and "n"( nothing , No borders )
* las. It can only be 0,1,2,3 One of the values in , Used to indicate the direction of the scale value .0 Represents always parallel to the axis ;1 Always horizontal ;2 Means always perpendicular to the axis ;3 Always vertical .
* xaxt For setting x Scale value type of axis , Is one character ."n" Indicates that the scale value and scale line are not drawn ;"s" Represents drawing , Default value .yaxt In the same way .
plot(x,y,main=" Right end alignment ",sub=" Subtitle ",ann=FALSE)# Delete Note
plot(x,y,main=" Right end alignment ",sub=" Subtitle ",ann=FALSE,las=1)#y Axis scale value level
plot(x,y,main=" Right end alignment ",sub=" Subtitle ",ann=F,bty="n",xaxt="n",yaxt="n")# Delete border , scale

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