When I started learning front end , I've asked other people about it

A lot of people will tell me , What capabilities are needed , What capabilities are needed , Now look back , If I'm really ready for these things , It's already cold, OK ?

Prepare according to the traditional answer , A lot of people will obviously come to a conclusion , I'm not ready yet

however , I'm not ready. In fact, in many cases, it's an excuse you give yourself , An excuse for not going for a resume interview

If you ask me to find the minimum requirements of internship , I'll tell you , Will use the mainstream framework development is enough

At this time , Some people will say :“ That's bullshit , Only framework development , I hung up at the beginning of the interview , Who wants you ”

That's what I would say :“ yes , I'm sure I'll hang up at the beginning of the interview , But that was just the beginning of the interview ”

Each company needs a different level of front end , But the degree of knowledge overlap of interview is surprisingly high , Preparing for an interview through an interview is the best way to find a job quickly

So if you ask me the most important thing about finding a job , That's the first step in an interview

No exaggeration , Before our school enrolls , When the learning front end makes the most progress , That's when I'm preparing for the interview

I put in a bunch of resumes , Because of the pressure of the interview , Crazy looking at the notes to prepare for the interview , Then practice , Then digest

And then the interview goes down , Organize interview experience , Then practice , Re digestion

After a few rounds of this , I found that I had reached the threshold

A set of procedures , The thief is not in a hurry , Most of the knowledge points are available , Ideas are becoming clearer and clearer , Then the interview passed

There are at least two advantages to going to an interview

1. Be able to accurately prepare the knowledge required by the work

If according to all kinds of dry goods knowledge to review , I can see a lot of things that I can't face at all , These things may be useful to you in the future , But a lot of it will be forgotten , Then this part of the content is invalid

And the point is , It's hard if there's some invalid content , Make you upset , That will seriously affect your study efficiency , the loss outweighs the gain

2. Greatly improve the efficiency of learning

Why do we say it can greatly improve the learning efficiency , Everybody knows that , In the University, our most efficient time must be before the exam 233333, So use “ It's almost time for an interview “ To stimulate their own rapid ascension

what ? You know the truth , I just don't dare to face you ? There are only two reasons why I dare not face you

1. Shyness , I don't feel competent enough

Looking for an internship is such an important thing , Don't be shy , What if you don't think you're capable enough , The interviewer met so many people , I can't remember your name , Even if the face is not good, it has no effect on you , and , What if it does , How do you know that you are not competent enough for this position

2. I'm afraid the interview will have a bad effect on me , What will the company do if it doesn't want you

Pull it down , You're not that important , The company can't remember you , This has no effect on your future work and internship , More about that , Don't meet the company you really want to go to at the beginning

You can find a general company to interview first , Familiar with the upgrading process of the next hit strange ,

Try to face the company you really want to go to at the end and be able to do it. In the final analysis, it is to give yourself courage ,

Taking the first step is more important than anything