Python What does the foundation include ? What to learn ? study Python Basic understanding Python glottogony , design goal , Design philosophy ,Python The advantages and disadvantages of language and the basic concept of object oriented , Mode of implementation , Integrated development environment PyCharm The use of Python To pave the way for further study .

Next, let's introduce it Python Learning content of basic programming :

1,Python Basic grammar

Computer composition : Hardware , Software , The mode of computer running program ,Python The characteristics of language , application area ,Python IDE, Program notes : Single-Line Comments , multiline comment ; The role of variables , definition ,
Naming rules , The data type of the variable , View variable types , Input and input functions , Arithmetic operator , Assignment Operators , Compound operator , Type conversion , Branching structure if...else , Cyclic structure ,while,

2,Python container

Definition of string , ergodic , subscript , section , common method (find, index,count,replace,split,capitalize,title,
startwith,endwith,lower,upper,ljust,rjust, center
etc. ), List definition , Grammatical format , List nesting , Traversal of list , Common operation methods of list , List derivation , Tuple definition , Grammatical format , Common operation methods , Dictionary definition , Grammatical format , Traversal of dictionary , Common operation methods ,
character string , list , container , Common operation of dictionary :range ,enumerate,max,min,len function ,del function ; operator +,*,in,not in
Use in containers

3, Functions and file operations

Function definition and call syntax ,def sentence ,return sentence , Function parameter transfer ( Location parameter , Keyword parameters ), Default parameters , Variable length parameter , Function documentation
, Function nesting , Global and local variables ,Python Variable scope LEGB,global sentence ,nonlocal sentence , Packaging and unpacking , Recursive function , Anonymous function lambda
expression , File operation , File opening and closing , File read / write operation , File directory operation



4, object-oriented

Classes and objects , Class definition format , Add and get object properties , Common magic methods , inherit , Public authority and private authority , The concept and significance of polymorphism , Realization of polymorphism , Class properties and instance properties , Class methods and static methods , The concept of anomaly , Catch exception ,as
use ,else use ,finally use , Exception passing , Custom exception ,raise Throw an exception , The concept and function of module , Production module , Import mode of module
,__all__ The role of ,__name__ The role of , The concept and function of package , Making bags , Import of package , case : Student management system

Finish the above introduction Python Basic knowledge points can have basic programming thinking , Master basic knowledge Python Programming technology , Can complete the development of small programs , Not up to the enterprise's employment standards .