Project number :BS-YL-001

The project is based on springboot+layui+shiro Written hospital management system , The business of the system is complex , There are three databases 36 Zhang Biao .

The project is divided into outpatient management , Inpatient management , system management , Statistical management , Data center , Workforce Management , Warehouse management , Pharmacy management

The system focuses on outpatient and inpatient management

Fill in the patient's details , Such as name , Age , cell-phone number , Gender , ID number , Select department registration type doctor , The relative registration fee will come out , When you click Submit, you will judge whether the information you input is correct , If the mobile phone number or the ID number is being processed , The mobile phone number or the ID number is being processed . The registration page will query all the registration according to the radio button , Registration of the day and appointment , And can be registered for the day to give users a series of operations , If transferred to hospital , If the patient has an ongoing project, he cannot be transferred to the hospital , You need to pay the relevant fees before you can transfer them to the hospital

The function of outpatient management :

User registration , Prescription pricing , Project pricing , Project payment , Project inspection , Drug payment , Outpatient database

The function of inpatient management :

Admission registration , Payment management , Drug accounting , Project bookkeeping , Discharge settlement

System management function :

Menu management , Role management , user management , Icon management , Data source monitoring management

Statistical management :

Monthly outpatient statistics , Monthly statistics of hospitalization , Annual outpatient statistics , Annual statistics of hospitalization , Doctor statistics , Outpatient day statistics

Data center :

Department Center Management , Doctor list management , Drug origin management , Project category management , Registration type management , Warehouse management , Manager management , supplier management , Drug classification management , Drug dictionary management

Scheduling :

Doctor scheduling management

Warehouse management :

Warehouse in order management , Inventory query , Delivery order management , Operation record management, etc

Pharmacy management :

Pharmacy details management , Outpatient drug administration , Management of taking medicine in hospital


There are so many functions , So here I just cut a part of the picture , For your reference :


Login page

  Backstage home page

User registration


  Prescription pricing

Fill in the cause of disease

  Project pricing


Project charge

Admission registration

Payment management

  Drug accounting


Project bookkeeping

Discharge settlement

Outpatient statistics

Department Center


List of doctors

  Doctor scheduling

Inventory query

The function of this project is complete , comprehensive , The interface operation is simple and generous , Suitable for graduation design !! WX: baozai_7788

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