Since last year 9 month 15 In the future , Huawei's 5nm unicorn 9000
Series processors out of print , TSMC has been unable to OEM production . But in semiconductor technology , Huawei can't give up , It is reported that Huawei has started to recruit semiconductor equipment talents .

   Supply chain sources @ Mobile chip master revealed , Huawei recently began to recruit some R & D personnel for semiconductor equipment , It's really a long way to go , Not easy .

   A lot of people know that , Semiconductor manufacturing is the key to be stuck in domestic semiconductor industry , What is easy to be stuck in manufacturing industry is semiconductor equipment , Including lithography machine , Etching machine ,PVD/CVD deposition , Ion implanter and so on .

   It's a revelation , Netizens immediately thought of the lithography machine , Some people commented that “ Lithography machine is really just needed by Huawei ”, Of course, some people say it's too late to do it now .

   At present, the news about Huawei's entry into the semiconductor equipment industry has not been officially confirmed by Huawei , However, at the recent analyst conference , Vice chairman of Huawei , Chairman Xu Zhijun said , There's no place to process any of Hisilicon's chips right now , As part of Huawei's chip design , It's not a profit seeking company , Huawei also has no demand for profits .

   Xu Zhijun said , Now we are supporting this team , Move on , As long as we can afford it . This team can keep doing research , Continue to develop , Continue to accumulate , Prepare for the future .

   From Huawei's position , Hisilicon's semiconductor team even without chips , And it will continue , Continuous research and development , Preparing for the future .

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Yu Chengdong also introduced Huawei's trend in the semiconductor field , Huawei will take root in all aspects , Breakthrough in basic research and precision manufacturing of physical materials science .