Linux Is a set of free use and free dissemination of the operating system , At present, people are familiar with Android , Tongxin UOS And so on are based on the system , It was born in 1991 year , from Linus
Torvalds Linus · Issued by towaz , He was also called Linux My father .

   it is reported , The system is based on C Language writing , This is a very simple way , Convenient language , A high efficiency programming language that can produce a small amount of machine language and run without any support of running environment .

   But many netizens think that C The language is too old , lower , hope Linus Torvalds Can use C++ Language pair Linux Upgrade the kernel of .

   In this regard , Recently, some overseas media are talking to us  Linus Torvalds In my interview , I also expressed my hope to him :“ Some netizens think it should be used C++ instead of Rust development Linux
Kernel kernel ”, but Linus But they scoff at it .

   The report said ,Linus Torvalds think  C++ It's a bad language , It doesn't solve the problem C Many problems of language development kernel . And C++
Solved all the wrong problems that should not be solved , Those are useful C++ rewrite Linux People in the core are too ignorant .

   according to the understanding of ,C++ yes C The successor of language , It covers almost everything C Language can do it , And there's a lot more that can be done C The scene of language incompetence , But it's too complicated , And it consumes more resources , So many developers don't like it
C++ Language writing .