5G The time has come , More and more new interaction scenarios , New forms of interaction appear , It brings unprecedented challenges to front-end developers . How should front end practitioners improve themselves ? Industry trend and national policy of Xiaobian , How about the prospect of front end development ?

With the continuous development of information technology , The development of front-end technology has gone through different stages . With the popularity of mobile smart phones, the concept of front-end is formally put forward , blend APP It began to be widely developed . in recent years , As the front-end technology began to realize engineering , Some enterprise front-end development tasks gradually expand to the back-end , Logical thinking ability has gradually become a necessary ability for front-end developers . With the continuous improvement of user experience requirements , As an application that can be used without downloading, applets are popular with users and developers .

last year 10 month , Jointly held by Tencent cloud and wechat applet team “ Applets · Cloud development ” Technology Summit , Published “ Applets · Cloud development ” The latest data and capabilities of , It can provide cloud functions for wechat applet developers , Cloud call , Cloud database , Cloud storage and other basic capabilities . Through it , Front end developers can write back-end code directly , No need to go through back-end developers , It not only reduces the threshold for developers to enter the industry , At the same time, it also reduces the difficulty of maintaining small programs . thus it can be seen , Cloud development has become a trend of front-end development .

that , As the front end is given more new roles , new “ take laws and regulations lightly ”, So how to keep up with the development of science and technology has become a big problem , Never stop web Front end courses may be the only choice for front-end personnel who want to grow up every time .

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