Recently, many colleagues around me are feeling , In the past two years, there have been many jobs related to data , And the salary is very high .

But we all have a feeling , Although the importance of data analysis post has increased , But we have also raised the post demand of data analysis !


15 year , I can use one Excel, Will check SQL Database can find a good job .

17 year , You have to be able to do it BI visualization , I can use it SPSS Do data mining , Can make a beautiful report for the boss , meanwhile Python It's starting to show itself ……

here we are 2020 Today, 2008 , except MySQL , Python , BI These are basic tools , You also need to know statistics , Data cleaning , Feature Engineering , modeling , algorithm ……

alas , Life is not easy , The cat sighed .

Data analysts have become the standard for big companies , Many high paying jobs , Also often the data requirements are written into other positions JD in .



know the actual cause , In the second half of the Internet economy , Under the market of stock competition , By “ feel ”, by “ experience ” The risk of making decisions is increasing .

But through data analysis , Whether it's assessing business , Quantitative channels, etc , They are more intuitive and efficient , And accurate .

This pressure is fed back to practitioners , It becomes the basic post data , Data post specialization .

And then there's the bad news , That's it —— Bottom data analyst , It's going out .

If you've been aware of this problem for a long time , I would like to recommend a data analysis course produced by Lago , Because we are deeply engaged in the recruitment industry , This course is completely based on the most urgent pain point of the enterprise .

let me put it another way , Learn it , It's definitely the most sought after talent .

After class, it can also help you extrapolate , Long press scan QR code to understand .

A real case .

My younger brother Xiao Wang's company is pushing a new product recently , The product manager found that the retention of new users was poor recently , Find my schoolboy , Let him analyze the reason .

If you're a junior data officer , It's just a show , I don't know either. , You can analyze it yourself ~

You can imagine the result , Quanhuang and product manager are not on stage , Just pack up and go .

Data Development Engineer , Like my schoolboy , We can solve specific problems .

He uses a top-down way of thinking to analyze , Through user portrait , Question hypothesis and other methods , It is found that users in the fourth and fifth tier cities do not like the products that are now pushed by cold start , Find the real reason for the poor retention of new users .

In fact, there is a third solution , That is to direct the business .

Through data modeling , Algorithm model , Predict the results to be produced , And inform the business group or leaders , How to optimize , How to improve performance , This is also the direction my younger brother is striving for .

This is the ten stage skill of Lagou's data analyst , It was also given to me by my younger brother , You can compare what skills you lack .


I believe everyone has heard of Lago , This is Lago education 《 Data analysis training camp 》 Outline of , This course is very interesting , After learning , Pull hook to ensure that through their own enterprise resources to help you push to large companies .

No exaggeration , If you learn all these things , Quite 5 Years of data analysis experience .


Why do you recommend Lagou ?

In addition to the above mentioned can be extrapolated , There are two other great things about this course .

one , 10 A practical project , Learn today , It'll be available tomorrow

Train yourself in real projects , Is the fastest growing channel .

Lagou education selects E-commerce , Online education , Finance wait until 10 Real projects in different industries , Including pulling your own projects , Hand in hand to teach you to complete the classic case of data analysis , Take you from scratch to solve the problem , such as :

Online education user active index analysis and user portrait construction

shopping APP User behavior analysis

User churn prediction


These are real needs in the industry , Absolute ground gas , It's practical enough .

two , The course is conducted by the teaching and research group led by the industry leader 12 Build in six months .

Let's see how hard the squad is .

Expert lineup :

Mr. Granger - Chief data expert of (P10)

10 Annual data service / online retailers / internet / finance / telecom / Experience in game and team management   work experience : sound of dripping water / Byte beat / Ping An Bank .

Mr. Sanfeng -- Data analysis expert

Technical director ,13 Years of technical experience , Senior data expert . work experience : / Shida software .

Teacher Wuji -- Data analysis expert

Major in foreign trade statistics ,8 Years of working experience in data analysis , work experience : Baidu / Iqiyi / Sina .


To sum up , Industry guru lineup ,300 Multiple sessions ( It's common in the market 100 One class hour ),5 Six months of practical training , Enter into push in agreement , Learn to go to Dachang directly !

Famous enterprises of Lagou students Offer rate ,Offer The rate of salary increase is much higher than that of other families , After all, it's recruitment , Best understand the needs of enterprises .

I also applied for exclusive benefits this time ,200 Internal quota , You can get it by scanning the QR code below .

do not do “ Agrocybe chaxingu ”, From now on !

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