Even if it's academic Java All of us are fools , That's also a high salary , Arrogantly despise those who do not learn or do not have in-depth understanding java People in the world . My own problems , Never give it to the industry , The worst industry , There will be people with cows , Why isn't that person you ?

<> Why talk about learning Java All of us are fools ?

<> First point , The source of the problem

The person who says this question should be a novice , Probably just finished java The corresponding knowledge is not long , What I want to say here is java It's just a language , It is a basic language , Focus on the basic two words , Now, the application is relatively wide , There are so many knowledge points , But it's going to get a lot more applied , There are many things you may not have learned , algorithm ? frame ? It's like high numbers , Those are the knowledge points , But why is there such a saying ? Because its change is infinite , What we should do now is to learn these basics well at the same time , Keep widening and widening , So the first point of the questioner is that he didn't java A good positioning of our position .

Java There's a lot to learn , This is true , And also as a Java Developer's consciousness , Just one day of development , You need to be able to learn .Java As a classic language , The position is very strong , Various frameworks are updating and iterating with the market trend , If you want to get a promotion and a raise , Job hopping and salary increase , We must follow the market trend .

For example, under the trend of big data in recent years ,Java In the direction of big data development , There is an increase in demand for new jobs , And compared to the traditional Java In terms of development , High starting salary 10%-20%
, Accordingly, of course , For technical strength requirements compared to the general Java development , Higher, too .

In fact, the problem of anxiety , Everybody has it , Only see the power of others , You have to believe it, too , It's not natural to be strong , They may be the same as you , Also experienced all kinds of loss , anxious , We should learn to adjust ourselves , Most ordinary people , It's all slow learning , Growing up slowly .

<> Second point , Questions about work

Some fresh students always have this kind of question when they are looking for a job : Not now IT Is the industry the one with the highest salary and lack of many talents ?

Why can't I find a job all the time or why is my salary so low when I find a job , Only a few thousand yuan , Combined with the questioner of this question , It should just be mastered java The core grammar of English , No corresponding project experience , I'm not good at it , It's going to push the mistake directly to the industry , This is a common problem for beginners .

<> Third point , Employment prospects

as everyone knows , Big data now , artificial intelligence , cloud computing , virtual reality , Blockchain is really hot , I can responsibly say that I have a good command of it java It gives you an advantage over others in choosing these directions , Of course, the premise is to learn well , There is no such thing as a bad employment situation .

All are relative to each other , With the number of graduates increasing year by year , The competition will be more and more fierce , But the real bull is not afraid of these , Maybe some people will say I'm not good at it , Then my suggestion is to start from the foundation , At least we should understand the relevant terms , Slowly in the employment to in-depth study , In fact, I seldom use what I learned in college .

<>Java General learning route reference

<> Basic stage

master Java Basics ,Mysql database ,Oracle database ,JDBC,Linux Basics ,Java8 New features , Data structure and algorithm , Design pattern .

For zero foundation learners , The basic stage will be a little difficult , yes Linux, data structure , Algorithms and design patterns , Need to have a preliminary grasp .

<>Web Basics

After the foundation stage , We have to master some more Web Knowledge of ,Html,JavaScript,JQuery and AJax, Master the basics first , Don't delve into it .


JavaWeb What knowledge do you need to master :Servlet,JSP,MVC Design pattern ,Cookie,Session,JavBean Component technology ,EL expression ,JSTL expression , filter Filter, monitor Listener etc .


JavaEE stage , Mainly learning framework .Struts2,Hibernate,Spring,SpringMVC,JPA,SpringData,MyBatis,Spring
Boot,Spring Cloud,Dubbo, There are many frameworks , In the learning stage, as long as you can use it skillfully , If you have the ability, you can study the source code , Look at the underlying implementation of the framework .

Second, in addition to the framework , We need to learn Maven,Git,Github,ActiveMQ,Jenkins etc. , This is the basis for development tasks .

If you want to go in the direction of big data , The next step is to learn big data framework , with Hadoop,Spark,Flink Several generations of frame , The components of the ecosystem should be conquered one by one .

It's lonely and tired on the way to study , But the moment you get paid , It's delicious !

<> summary

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