<> The process of recruiting new students

Before writing this article , I want to introduce myself first : My hometown is in Hunan , Now I work in Shanghai , I majored in software in University , The school is not very good , There is no introduction here , Now I'm a fresh student who hasn't got the university diploma , In today's company is just an intern , Internship time from 19 Of 9 month 1 From the beginning of the 20th century to the present , Of course, occupation is known as programmer , What's your current position .NET Development Engineer .

Time goes back to the two months before leaving university , What am I doing at this time ? Of course, for me who will participate in the internship , Time is pressing , It's very stressful every day , At that time, we were busy with our graduation project , Also busy practicing all kinds of self introduction and resume writing , Through more than a month's time , Resume and self introduction are almost the same , The last month, of course, is the actual combat of real guns , It was a bit hot this afternoon , Just finished the professional class in the morning , The group sent a notice that a Shanghai company would come to recruit in the afternoon , I saw the news , I have no hesitation , Immediately signed up for the first interview , Of course, the first interview , As soon as I got out of the interview room, I knew I was dead , I feel so stupid now , That kind of dumb , A timid look inside , Because before that, what I heard from the teacher was what the interviewer said , Maybe it's just a bit of a stereotype , That's what happened , If there are any fresh students who read this article, I want to tell you , Don't worry , Don't feel afraid , Interviewers are just as like as two peas. , You just need to communicate in words , Don't let any psychological factors affect your interview process , Believe in your heart , Be confident in yourself , Can let oneself feel not so afraid in the heart , Have more courage to face the things in front of you .

<>1. Identify the city you want to work in

Of course, I chose the right one IT Industry driven Shanghai

Then the time moves back day by day , More and more companies come to the school to recruit , Although there are many companies , But there's no place I want to go , I have known Shanghai before , It's just a blessing for people in my industry , Shanghai is an important city for software industry , Programmers are like a rich and wonderful new world , Why I came to Shanghai is also because I want to be further away from home , I don't want to rely on my parents. I want to live hard in a strange place by myself , I think this is a very important factor to sharpen people , I want to rely on the social experience I get to let myself know the world well ,Best

<>2. Multiple interviews , Increase your interview experience

one after another , Companies in big cities are hiring , you 're right , Shanghai capitalists I've been looking forward to for a long time , Pooh , The rich , Pooh , I'm an entrepreneur , I sent my resume to all the companies that came to Shanghai , Day by day interviews , After the interview , Review the technical and other questions the interviewer asked , In the end, there is one in my heart
“ own ”
The answer is quite satisfactory , Waiting for the interview results every day is full of expectations and expectations , And losing the election again and again is also a lot of blow . Maybe it's nothing to me , I think these are all experiences I can absorb , Distance from leaving the campus to go out to practice that period of time , There are still a large number of people who fail to succeed in the school interview , Including me , Some people are not satisfied with their own companies , Part of the reason is that interview skills are not very good , At this time, many people will be a little anxious , At this time, I had a hunch that I would soon get a Shanghai company offer, Sure enough, this time I received the interview of development position offer, This was the first time for the school to recruit students at that time offer, I have to say that this mood is very good .

Only now do I find that fresh students or graduates get one offer It's not that hard , In fact, the enterprise in the interview of your technical knowledge to master the degree of understanding , There is still a balance in mind , Recruitment is to train and study you first, and then serve the company , So the requirements will not be particularly high , Is it easier for me to say that , So there's no need to be afraid .

Because there is still a long way to go before the entry time required by the company 10 The distance of many days , So I took advantage of this period of time to use the vocational skills I gained in college to experience the feeling of being an instructor for the last time .

<>3. Here we go , Officially off campus , Bear the title of programmer .

2019 year 9 month 1 day , The first day for the company that started to enroll in the school today , There was a meeting , Then he told us what the salary was 150 one day , It's different from what I said in the previous interview , The reason given is the intern , Because we are all new to work , So I think it's nothing , Then the boss gave a brief introduction to the company, and then assigned his own station , The company is two offices about the size of a classroom , Overall staff of the company , Including the people recruited by our school 20 About one , But I don't think it's bad , The first week is to get familiar with the company's framework and development logic , Change some simple ones bug And logic , By the second week , Start working overtime day and night , What's more, there's no difference between the front end and the back end , Both the front end and the back end are the same , The task is heavy , Time is tight , Because there are few people in the company , There are only two or three old developments , When we encounter problems, we are the only ones who come together to find solutions , There are some things we can't solve together , We want to ask them , But it's vague , Just a few words , It's a simple question to ask , Then we have to work overtime all the time , Work overtime every day , It's mostly at night 12 Point out the company , It was the first time I felt powerless , I really want to learn , But no one will teach you slowly , This is a very realistic thing , Maybe you've all been in this situation , We can only make it up by ourselves with time , Later, I learned that the company is actually an outsourcing company , Things are messy , There is no plan for a reasonable allocation of projects , Slowly, I feel that I can't learn anything here , You can't learn well , end of month , I resolutely quit this hard won job .

<>4. Give yourself a month , Looking for the next job

After resigning from the company , Last salary received 2650, It's just time 10 National Day , After the national day, I found some company addresses on the Internet , So I want to take the subway, a company a company face-to-face resume , It turns out that they can't take it , Because it's all on the website and app Send your resume on it , So it's really important to find a way , I've set a goal for myself to find a job within a month , I don't know what choice I will make after a month , Fortunately, in this month, I received the interview results and my own comments offer, The day I joined the company was also my birthday , I have to say there are some lucky ones . I interviewed many companies in that month , At that time, I found out the gap between the companies I went out to find and the companies I went to school to recruit , So see the friends here , I want to tell you that you don't have to worry about school enrollment , It's just a process of training yourself for an interview , The company you interview with is really much better than the company you recruit , A lot of things will be told to you , If you don't understand, you can ask at any time .

I really feel that my choice is very lucky and timely , Because in this company 19 year 10 month 21 I've been here to this day , And every day has its own sense of achievement and learning knowledge , Let me feel my future has expectations , There is hope , From the heart , I really think this company is very suitable for my study , Suitable for this year's students like me . The company is a front-end and back-end separation of development , The front end uses the popular Vue frame , Backstage is MVC frame , Everything is in order , Reasonable division of labor , The timing is just right , When I have problems , No matter who is in the company , Have you ever dealt with it or not , Will come to your position to answer your questions , Step by step to give you the analysis , Until you understand , Thank you so much , There are too many people to thank , I've probably figured it out. I've developed my own projects 7-8 All of them are developed independently , From database to background , Publishing from background to server , There are many things I can learn from them , Of course, up to now, the relationship between my colleagues is very harmonious , Can all commute together , Go out and play together. , address each other as brothers , They are like my brothers and sisters who give me warmth and love .

<> Conclusion

wait a minute , I don't know why I wrote so many words , This is probably the longest blog post I've ever written , I don't know what I'm writing , It seems that the point of view I want to express before writing is very simple , After writing, I found that I expressed more , And I wrote it myself for a long time , I don't know how to sort out some summaries of these things I wrote , If anyone saw this , thank you very much , Maybe I'm writing an article on hydrology , Or a narrative , Think of the past , I still want to say thank you for your experience .

No one really read this article without a tuxedo, right .
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