axis(side, at = NULL, labels = TRUE, tick =TRUE, line = NA, pos = NA, outer =
FALSE, font = NA, lty = "solid", lwd = 1, lwd.ticks = lwd, col = NULL,
col.ticks = NULL,tck=, las=,...)

Parameter description
side An integer , Indicates which side of the graph the axis is drawn on (1= lower ,2= Left ,3= upper ,4= right )
at A numerical vector , Indicates where the tick mark needs to be drawn
labels A character vector , Represents a text label placed next to a tick mark ( If NULL, Will be used directly at Values in
tick A logical value , Specifies whether scale marks and grid lines should be drawn
line The distance from the number of rows to the axis
pos Coordinates of the position where the axis is drawn ( That is, the value of the intersection position with another coordinate axis )
outer A logical value , Indicates whether axes should be drawn in external drawing margins instead of standard drawing margins
font Font of text
lty Line type ( The default is straight line )
lwd, lwd.tick Line width of axis and scale line .0 Or negative numbers are not generated
col,col.tick Color of lines and tick marks
tck Length of tick mark , Expressed as a fraction relative to the size of the drawing area ( A negative value indicates the outside of the graph , A positive value indicates the inside of the graph ,0 Indicates that the scale is disabled ,1 Represents drawing gridlines ); The default value is –0.01
las Is the label parallel to the (=0) Or perpendicular to (=2) Coordinate axis
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