plot yes R Basic drawing tools in , direct plot(x),x For a dataset , You can draw a picture . Details are often the key to success , So let's look at it in detail plot All settable parameters and parameter setting methods of .

The graphic parameters are described below , yes graphic Common parameters in package ,graphic In different graphic methods , These parameters are the same .

1, Symbols and lines

pch Specify the drawing ( stay type=”p”/”o”/”b” Time )

coca cex parameter , Used to control the size of symbols in a graph , Default to cex=1

When PCH by 21-25 Time , Parameter should be specified “col =” and “bg =”.PCH It can also be characters , for example “#”,“%”,“A”,“a”, And the characters will be drawn

lty Specifies the alignment

lwd Change line thickness

2,type Types of graphics

“p” Dot chart

“l” Line diagram

“b” Point line diagram , The line does not pass through the point

“c” Dotted line diagram

“o” Point line diagram , The line goes through the point

“h” histogram

“s” Stairs

“S” Step diagram

“n” No picture


# Create in working directory plotSamples.png chart