Main knowledge points involved :

web How does it interact

requests Library get,post Application of function

response Object correlation function , attribute

python File opening , preservation


Comments are given in the code , And it can run directly

How to install requests library ( Install it python My friends can refer to it directly , There is no such thing , I suggest you install it first python environment )

windows user ,Linux The users are almost the same :

open cmd Enter the following command , If python What's your environment like C The directory of the disk , It will prompt that the permission is not enough , Just run as an administrator cmd window

Linux Users are similar (ubantu take as an example ): If the permission is not enough, add it before the command sudo that will do

1. Climb the powerful BD page , Print page information

2. Common methods get Method examples , There are also examples of parameter transfer

3. Common methods post Method examples , There are also examples of parameter transfer

5. Common methods get Example of method parameter transfer (1)


If you need to transfer multiple parameters, just use & The symbolic connection is as follows :

6. Common methods get Example of method parameter transfer (2)


params It's possible to pass multiple messages in a dictionary

7. Common methods post Example of method parameter transfer (2) Is it very similar to the last one

8. On bypassing anti climbing mechanism , with zh Take dad as an example

Because of the directory relationship , stay D The disk creates a folder called crawler , Then save the information

Pay attention to the file when saving encoding set up


If you need crawler information, you can add wechat notes “ Reptile ”

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