Questions and answers for the interviewer : How did you get a project in the project team ???

I believe many practitioners will encounter it , How do we answer that ? Picture gourd and ladle ?
In accordance with their own consistent style ? It's an unprecedented one ?..... ha-ha :) In fact, sometimes I think about it , My resume is a few years of experience , And many practitioners are interviewing senior , Why do you ask me such a basic question ? In fact, the other way around , This is not the interviewer doubt my experience, doubt my ability to do a smile assessment ? I dare say that's basically the case . Unless the interviewer is a fresh graduate , Or just a young person in the testing industry ,( It's like a test, it's like a pit !). In fact, it's easy to say here ;

one . Experienced and competent

Take the project process of the most worthy big company to elaborate , Talk to the interviewer , Talk confidently , The general process of large companies is as follows :

* Project approval : Product and senior staff input into the project , And the output return in a certain period of time , The biggest risk assessment and other elements are discussed in depth , beat       Table project
* Project summary requirements review : Generally, this kind of review is the product manager , project manager , development , test , Scope of phase I requirement development for relevant personnel such as operation and maintenance personnel , time , Wait for confirmation
* Project detailed requirements review : Project module requirement splitting , Split detailed requirements , review , Division of labor
* development , Test start : This is testing ; Generally
Requirement test plan writing --- test case design --- Test case review --- Test case execution ---- Submit defects --- Follow up and assist in developing and solving defects --- regression testing --- Write test report --- Output test results to relevant personnel
After that, ask the examiner , How does your company carry out the project ( If it's technical to join the interview ) Indirectly put some processes that need to be improved , Give him advice . There will be extra points here .

two . Just started + Fresh students

This kind of tester's words , Some experience can refer to the above process . If you are especially honest and not boastful, you can tell the interviewer what kind of non-standard process your company is , You can add some in the middle , What optimization did you do in the process of testing non-standard , Suggestions, etc . Bonus points !

Words of new year students , What the interviewer asked you , I guess that's his interview habit , I had a good humor with you . ha-ha ; You can give a clear answer , You said your company would not recruit me , How do I know the testing process of my company ! ha-ha , You can also be humorous with him . After all, can we solve the problem !

As far as I'm concerned, the interview . IQ is better than EQ , A smooth interview , One is comfortable , A refined man , After the interview , I believe it will give you a basket of drumsticks .

The above is a brief summary of the rotten street , Just think twice . Boxing :)

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