I saw this problem in Zhihu .

Why do you ask this question , Or working on hardware , Or new people who are ready to join the industry .

I would like to express some of my views first , Maybe not , Don't spray , Then I intercepted some of the answers from Zhihu .

My major in university is electronic information engineering .

Looking for a job after graduation , Select hardware ,1 It's my software that doesn't work ,2 I'm not interested in software ,3 Yes, I can only do hardware ,4 I want to do technology .

I remember my senior parents didn't give me any money , In order to find a job to support themselves , So I chose the interview hardware .

I'm a little interested in hardware , A little familiar , You can brag a little bit during the interview .

A little boasting means that you have a little project experience , Participated in some electronic competitions , Such as electric games , Feika , Internet of things, etc .

Everything seems so easy , reluctantly , That's it. , I found it 2 A month's work , How many gains did I have from the protracted war offer, Comprehensive consideration , Chose the current company .

So back to the question : Is there a future for hardware engineers ?

Let's assume that hardware engineers have no future , Software engineers have a future , get Java I have a bright future .

Java interviewer sowhat1412 Longo has three questions for you :

1,HashMap Why is thread unsafe , How to replace ?
2, Explain what a deadlock is ?
3, Why use thread pool , Function of thread pool ?

You look confused when you listen to it , What the hell is this ?

So it's very simple , The future and strength are matched , If you are the whole stack like zhihuijun , You can choose the one you are interested in with high salary AI algorithm , And I can only choose the hardware to eat .

Someone said it , It has nothing to do with the problem , This assumption does not hold .

Let's assume that hardware engineers have money , here , I changed the front word to money , Make it easier .

what the hell BOSS I searched the direct employment department , What I'm working on now is hardware - Salary of base band engineer .

Isn't that impressive ,5 year + The basis of working experience , I think we should make a little effort in Shanghai , Take one 20K It shouldn't be a problem .

Huo , Check it out IC Design ,3~5 Five years of direct experience 30K Here we go , Undergraduate students are generally 20K Here we go , A better school , Better IC company , Better undergraduate , graduation 30K It's normal, too .

Maybe someone else said it , The big factory of Internet , Like bytes ,PDD, Wechat team , These may be the first to go in 30K Here we go .

How many such people can there be ?

Too little, too little .

Most people don't have enough food and clothing , Maybe in a city like Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Shenzhen , It's just food and housing , There is not much money left every month , Even can't make ends meet .

get Java, I know rongo ( master ) In Beijing 4 It's only a year and a half 20K Come out ,985 Da Fan, who graduated from the University of electrical science and technology, is in Xi'an, and Samsung is also here 15K about .

We are always attracted by the scenery of the Internet , But I can't see the hardship behind a string of codes , How many are that 996,007 Built from .

Yearning for the Internet , I don't know if it's the light that stays up all night .

The so-called future is just to work harder than others .

What do you yearn for and continue to work for , That's the future .

Someone will scold again , you TM This is poison chicken soup , The Internet is so developed , The ceiling is much higher than the hardware , I don't deny that , You could be in hardware for ten years , That's what it looks like .

Let's take another look at Zhihu's reply .

Say more
: I am also a female hardware engineer . First day , The elder gave me a preventive injection , Being a hardware engineer is never starving , But not enough . In these years , How many companies have changed , The platforms are not big , Ability is independent to do the company's products are no problem , It's easy to deal with daily work .

Now it's almost the top of my line ( The ceiling is relatively low ), But there is no ability to further study , It's essentially a mixed meal . If you want to really learn technology and become a great God, go to the big platform to temper it .

jason say : Hello , I've done the hardware 6 It's been three years , I feel more and more that it's just hardware , The future is indeed limited .

The advantage of hardware is that it is easy to transfer to the leading position , Because it's very important to purchase devices , Contact with suppliers , Familiar with the development process . The entire software project process is usually not concerned , Will be more concerned about how to achieve the function according to the specification . So there are advantages in this aspect .

Brother Feng said : Be direct , Are you interested , If you don't have any interest and research spirit in this field . Resolute dissuasion !

It's not easy to be a hardware engineer with a little weight . You can 3 Start a programming language in a month , Get to work now . But I want to start with hardware for at least two years , It also depends on whether someone takes you , Do you have a chance to practice in the project .

Said Donald : The answer is simple : There is no future .

Because the vast majority of jobs have little future in themselves .

I think what netizens said is very reasonable , This is a subjective question .

Most people work as breadwinners .

What do you think of a person who works in Shenzhen 10 year , a monthly salary 15K The hardware engineer said , You have no future in this job , low wages , That's all he knows , What do you want him to do ?

That's the same thing , What do you yearn for and continue to work for , That's the future .

You work hard to create good living conditions for your family , That's the future , There is no easy word in the adult world .

Mutual encouragement .