oneself 18 Graduated in , Just graduated, self taught Java, The first job was dissolved by the Department , Half a year , In fact, at that time, I always wanted to move forward , I happened to get it home offer, The second job is really the front end , It's just that the customer is the bank , All styles are unified , It's totally different from the colorful front end I imagined , prescription 3 Two and a half months .

In order to better plan their own learning route , I went to a Chinese University mooc, Baidu front end College ,github Collect front-end learning routes on the Internet , Applied for the training class of Peking University Bluebird , Bought the front-end employment class course of MOOCS , Also follow Chen Hao's programmer training strategy to learn , At present, the foundation has been established HTML\CSS\Js It's over , The project in the training organization is too shallow , The lecture is too fast , Unprofessional , I won't go into details here , Here's what's going on 2020 The latest front end learning route , I hope you will not be afraid of English , It's all paper tigers , Multiple search , Work hard .

Last one first github Front end learning Roadmap  

General skills

      Students with good English should have no problem , Don't understand can use Youdao dictionary look up .

Here is the learning route of Baidu front end college , Baidu front end College's route is from Chinese universities mooc Look at it .

1, introduction

target 1: cultivate this interest
knowledge :HTML CSS JavaScript
practice : Personal homepage Small clock Calculator Small animation
Take a look at some cool front-end effects , Try to imitate

target 2: Systematic learning , Lay a good foundation
knowledge :HTML CSS JavaScript
practice : High intensity exercises for knowledge points
method : summary restructure Why

2, attempt

target : Can complete small complex website
practice :
Personal task management , Date time component , Picture management , Drag and drop , Schedule management tools  , Gantt chart
method : multiplexing Accumulation problem
From Baidu front-end college to find suitable exercises to practice

3, main stream

target : Thinking of learning mainstream solutions to problems
knowledge :MVVM, React, Vue, Redux, SASS, LESS, PostCSS, WebPack, Rollup
practice : Continuous reconstruction
method : Development history Scene problem design idea

4, view

target : Breadth cognition

knowledge :Node.js,WebAssembly,Mobile,Hybird,GO,Dust, Flutter,WebGL,Canvas,SVG,Electron,TypeScript
method : Learn to refine core ideas

5, Advanced

target : Medium complexity development experience
practice : restructure + New wheel
method : Learn to refine core ideas

6, Specialize in

target : In depth mastery of a field , Polish your own technology learning methods   

Geek time -H5 Skill map & Necessary skills of front end Engineer

Next, introduce the learning route of MOOCS , I think my front-end knowledge is mostly from MOOCS , Learning route you can go to the official website , It takes a certain amount of patience to learn the basic knowledge as a whole , There are many knowledge points , Practice more , In learning jQuery I can't remember the linear gradient and the radial gradient when I was a child , Practice more , Rote learning can't control the front end .

Of course, there are also network protocols , How browsers work , Data structure and algorithm are also important , If you are interested in advanced mathematics , linear algebra , If you are interested in probability and statistics, you can also learn it , Thank you for checking :)

20200421 add to : When you learn a knowledge point, if you still don't understand it, you must go MDN Take a look at it .

The collection of learning routes is not so much here , I believe that it should be very simple for comrades who want to learn the front end to get started , Next I want to enter the next stage , Big front end , Sorry, it's MOOC again , Hee hee , The next step is to enhance the technical capability at the same time , Will also be divided out some for their own health , Family health , And, more importantly, about spouses ,2021 It will be a busy year again , The state has a five-year plan , We should have it ourselves 5 Annual plan , For example, the clear goal of doubling wages , Come on , A dry man is never full .