“ It's hard to imagine , It's a very smelly smell from the beautiful whale .”

   In Biology , The whale is a unique existence , It's huge and friendly .

   Whales are not only beautiful , Death is also magnificent . About the death of whales , We all know a term of aestheticism : Whale falls .

   But it's just a way for whales to die . Die in the sea , It's beautiful ; If you die on land , The whale could turn into a bloody and stinky explosion of blubber .

   Beautiful and magnificent whale landing

   In shallow water , After the whale died , The body will sink slowly , Due to the relatively high temperature in shallow water , The corpse decomposes quickly .

   A large amount of ammonia produced by decomposition of corpses , Methane and other gases float the body above the water , The corpses will soon be consumed by the smell of scavengers .

   If it is in the deep sea area with relatively low temperature , The sinking whale carcass in the deep sea will have a succession of biological communities from big sharks to tiny bacteria .

   Huge whale carcasses are enough to form a complete ecosystem , The carcasses of large whales are capable of feeding a wide range of life in an area of the deep sea . From the fall of the carcass to the decomposition of the carcass , This process can last hundreds of years .

   The process of whale landing: there are four stages of whale landing :

   first ,( at least )4 to 24 A month old blind eel , The mobile scavenger stage of sharks and other animals eating the soft tissue of whale carcass (mobile-scavenger stage)

  ; Polychaeta , The opportunist stage in which invertebrates such as crustaceans inhabit the carcasses of whales and eat the remains of whales (enrichment opportunist stage);

   The chemoautotrophic stage of anaerobic bacteria obtaining energy from blubber (sulphophilic stage);

   final , The organic matter in the carcass of the whale was exhausted , The remains became the habitat of the sea creatures , This stage is called reef stage (Reef stage).

   As the saying goes, a whale falls , Alive . Whale falls , Water and hydrothermal , Cold springs are also called cold springs “ Three life oases in the deep sea ”.

   Horror scene staged : An exploding whale

   The whale carcass on land is a “ Time bomb ”, If it's not handled properly, it will explode , It's all around .

  2004 year 1 One early morning in May , There was a strange loud noise in the downtown area of Tainan , The body of a sperm whale in transit exploded in a truck .

  ( Sketch Map , Non Tainan whale boom )

   With a bang , Lots of fat is coming out , The internal organs were all over the floor , Shops around , The car was all dyed red with blood , Blubber can be found even a few blocks away .

   Photos of the scene of the whale explosion in Tainan

   Memories of some people in Tainan , It's probably the biggest smell I've ever smelled in my life “ Ecstasy ” The smell of the wind has gone off , Far more than sewers , Rotten food and so on .

   After the explosion , Flat trucks are used by relevant units ,3 Two cranes and 50 Multiple staff , time consuming 13 It's only a few hours before the sperm whale is loaded into the car .

   After the death of the whale “ Self expansion ”

   In the laboratory of Chenggong University ,60 Scientists spend 10 The reason of the whale explosion was found by dissecting it in three days . The cause of the explosion was not external , It comes from the corruption inside the whale carcass itself .

   Whale died of stranding , After stopping breathing and blood circulation , Organs and tissues in the body begin to decay . When corruption goes on to a certain extent , Bacteria in the digestive tract will spread into the abdomen , After the bacteria enter the abdomen , Will accelerate the decomposition of protein in the body , And produce gas .

   Swollen whale carcasses due to sperm whales living in the deep sea , Evolved amazing bones and body structures , They can adapt to the tremendous pressure from deep in the ocean , At the same time, it can lock the internal pressure to resist the external pressure in the deep sea .

   When the carcass leaves the water and comes to land , The mass of gas produced inside the carcass doubles the size of the carcass , The gas in the carcass of the whale is also very volatile , Once the gas finds its way out , The power is unimaginable .

   To blow up the carcass of a whale “ The last straw ”

   Every year, there are many whales that strangle and die , But few people have heard of the explosion . Why does it just explode ?

   Found in anatomy , Sperm whales explode from the back . From the body structure of sperm whale , It has a lot of muscles on its back , It's not a weak part . If it explodes , We should collect the most gas from it , The body wall is the thinnest , The most pressure abdominal explosion , It's not the back .

   Whale structure

   However, anatomical findings , This whale has a dark purple black wound on its back next to the healthy pink tissue , It looks like a hematoma from the impact .

   It can be inferred that , Before this sperm whale died , It's been hit at sea .

   The results of examination on the bones of whale carcasses also confirmed this view : All the bones that protect the back of the whale split , The wound seemed to have been accidentally hit by a huge cargo ship .

   and , In the later salvage transportation process , This sperm whale has been hit twice . When fishing , Sperm whales are suspended from the tail , This increases the pressure on the spine , And torn part of the fiber in the back .

   The crane uses only one rope to lift the dorsal part of sperm whale —— This is exactly where it was injured , It was also the site of the explosion . During transportation , The carcass of the whale was tied tightly to the truck , The internal pressure further increases , Let the back be the outlet of rotten gas , Cause an explosion .

   Injured from back and died of stranding accident , Decay into the body produces gas and pressurizes the body , Then the crane hurt his back again ...... A series of coincidences led to the sperm whale burst in the bustling downtown .

   A truck carrying whale carcasses 《 Daily Mail 》

   It's normal for animal bodies to decay and explode , But whales are bigger because they're in the ocean , It's a rare explosion of a large animal carcass .

   When the whale falls into a rain of corpses , Are you like me , How sad and sad is it for the way the whale's life ended .