yesterday , One of the strongest sandstorms in recent ten years swept most cities in northern China . The dust weather covers a very wide area , Including Xinjiang , Inner Mongolia , Gansu Province , Ningxia , Shaanxi , Shanxi , Hebei , Beijing , Tianjin , Heilongjiang , Jilin , Liaoning, etc
12 Provinces and cities are shrouded in dust .

   as report goes , Zhang Bihui, director of the environmental meteorological center of the China Meteorological Administration, said , There are two main reasons for the large-scale dust .

   On the one hand, because of the whole Mongolia in the early stage , The temperature in Northwest China is obviously higher , Generally high 5-8 centigrade , The recent precipitation in most areas of Outer Mongolia is relatively rare , Surface conditions are very conducive to the occurrence of dust weather .

   The second aspect is affected by the strong Mongolia cyclone , From the north of Xinjiang , Central and western Gansu , Most of Inner Mongolia , Including the northern part of North China , There were gusts of six to eight , For the dust weather , It provides very good thermal and dynamic conditions .

   CCTV anchor Haixia said , The dust weather came suddenly , Accidental superposition of existing meteorological factors , It also reflects the inevitable logic of combating desertification .

   First, by chance . A lot of sand was picked up by the gale , And then carried away by the cold air , This is the sandstorm we see today . Sand source , Cyclone and advection are the three factors of sandstorm formation , The dust weather happened to meet these three conditions at the same time .

   Experts said , This is rare , It's not going to be the norm , You don't have to worry too much .

   of course , There are still doubts : We have been combating desertification for so many years , Why hasn't it been able to stop the strongest sandstorm in the last decade ?

   actually , The main problem is not in China “ Forest ”, It's global “ sand ”.

   At the end of the day , The root of desertification control lies in source control , It's more up to the whole world to join hands , only “ Do your own business well ” It's not enough . in recent years , More and more examples show that ,“ Global affairs can only be accomplished by global cooperation ”, That's what sand control is all about .

   Chinese “ Forest ” Although it can't stop the global competition “ sand ”, But China's experience can help govern the global economy “ sand ”. It will take time for China to popularize its experience in combating desertification , In this respect , We have a long way to go , We need to work together globally .