Every time near the exam or postgraduate entrance examination , Library on campus , The study room must be the most popular place , Seat occupancy has been bothering many college students . A lot of students travel around the world to occupy seats , Not in the morning 6 Just in time to be downstairs in the library . On the Internet, there are even strategies for grabbing seats in study rooms of different schools , It seems that these students really broke their hearts for the exam .

It's not just in Colleges and universities , It's not easy to find a place in the city where you can be alone or quiet . But as technology advances , This phenomenon is improving , Technology has changed our lives , Make our life more convenient and efficient . So open the study room , There are many self-study rooms with various modes, such as shared self-study rooms and campus self-study rooms .

Today, I would like to introduce a convenient and practical Internet of things ( Smart access control , Electronic control system, etc ) Construction method of wechat study room reservation system based on Web , Help you to solve the problem of making an appointment in the study room , Don't say much , Dry goods !


Tools required : A computer & Wechat reservation system

1. Introduction home page

2. Appointment content

3.1 Select idle time period

3.2 Choose a free seat

3.3 List display

3.4 Select idle time period

4. Purchase package

5. Multiple payment methods

6. Successful appointment reminder

7. Expiration reminder

8. Recharge stored value

9. My schedule

10. Background booking live query

11. data excel export