Java Continuously improve the platform performance by itself , The ability of stability and safety , It has always been the most popular programming language among developers .IDC The latest report of “Java Turns 25” display , exceed
900 10000 developers ( Among the global full-time developers 69%) in use Java—— More than any other language .

Oracle bone inscriptions continue to explore Java The road of sustainable innovation , And proud to announce Java 16
Officially released , This is the seventh feature release we've moved to after a six-month release cycle . This level of predictability makes it easier for developers to manage their adoption plans for innovation .

Main characteristics

Vector API( hatch )

Improved Java stay CPU Performance of vector computing , This is a support for large-scale tensor computation , Improved Java stay AI Capabilities in the field .

New C++ characteristic

Allow in JDK in C++ Use in source code C ++ 14 New features of .

from Mercurial Move to Git

Git At present, it has become the absolute ruler in the field of code version management , Now? Java Follow the trend and use it Git Source code management .

Move to GitHub

OpenJDK The code for is now available GitHub trusteeship .

ZGC garbage collector

Garbage collector for stack processing of concurrent threads .

Unix Domain socket channel

Unix Domain socket pair ServerSocketChannel and SocketChannel Our support .

Alpine Linux Port

stay x64 and AArch64 In architecture , take JDK Porting to Alpine Linux And other uses musl C Library Linxu On the distribution board .

Elastic Metaspace

Hotspot Processing of class metadata (metaspace- Meta space ) There has been a great improvement . It takes less space , Unused memory can now be recycled to the operating system more quickly .

Windows/AArch64 Port

take JDK Porting to Windows / AArch64 platform .

Foreign Linker API( hatch )

Introduce a API, The API Provides a pure query to the static type of local code Java visit . The API And Foreign-Memory API(JEP
393) Together, it will greatly simplify the error prone process of binding to the native library .

Warnings for Value-Based Classes

Specifies the original wrapper class as * Value based classes ,* And discard its constructor to remove it , This prompts a new discard warning . Provide information on Java Warning of incorrect attempt to synchronize on any instance of a value based class in the platform .

Packaging Tool

provide jpackage For packaging stand alone Java Application tools .

Support local packaging format , Provide a natural installation experience for end users . These formats include msi And exe stay Windows,pkg and dmg stay MacOS, as well as deb and rpm stay Linux upper .

Allows you to specify the start time parameter when packaging .

It can be called directly from the command line , You can also pass the ToolProviderAPI Call programmatically .

Foreign-Memory Access API ( The third incubation )

Introduce a API, allow Java The program can be accessed safely and effectively Java External memory outside the heap .

Java16 Officially released , You're still using it JDK8 Is that right ?

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