2021 Of 3 month 8 The day before girls' Day , The blogger is having a headache about what gift to give , At noon , Open Taobao , See Taobao 38 Women's Day activities , Then click to have a look , I just saw it , Before the object I mentioned cosmetics activities , New people can get it 100 Yuan coupon , Then place an order on Taobao platform , Payment successful . With their old Taobao users and trust in the platform , I didn't look at the goods in detail , Only Yintai counter sk-ll Make-up Kit , And then subconsciously feel very relieved . I thought it came in from the activity page , And there's nothing to worry about if it's a brand . absolutely unexpected , What's next , It's a big surprise . After dinner in the afternoon , I remember , Look at the logistics of the order , Then open Taobao 》》 My order , I found that I couldn't find the order .

therefore , Contact taoxiaomi immediately on hand , I haven't contacted Taobao customer service for many years , It's so complicated , Display robot customer service , But I choose the question , There is no question like me in the above choice . Then find the human customer service , We have to wait in line , front 10 personal , For several minutes , I finally got in touch , I described my problem to customer service , I told him about the things I bought on Taobao today , I can't find it in my order , Then there's a record in Alipay's bill . I want him to resume my order , Or check the order status , I feel that Taobao customer service is a little retarded , Told him about it , Or do you always ask me what questions you have . Later, the customer service said that he couldn't solve the problem. He transferred it many times and couldn't solve it for me , Finally, I let the customer service find the business link , I intend to communicate directly with the business , Customer service sent me a link , good heavens , The goods are off the shelves , Enter the shop , Show store closed . Contact merchant Wangwang , I found that I was also logged out . I don't think it's right , I feel that the business is running away , Contact customer service immediately , Give me a refund . The customer service said that they could only initiate a refund by themselves , He doesn't have the authority , I said yes , Then you can restore the order to Taobao , Let me Click to apply , I don't have a refund entry right now . Customer service said he , no way out . Said I was not on Taobao under the single , So the order doesn't exist . Let me connect with Ali's mother's customer service hotline . I was a little confused , Because he said it , I'm not sure it's through Alipay. , Nailing , And Taobao Special Edition , Enter the link to buy it , And then from the night 7 Talk to the customer service 8 It's half past six , The end result is to give me a hotline for Ali's mother , Let me go tomorrow morning 9 spot , Call this number for consultation . Thinking about the text chatting for so long in the evening , no result . Telephone communication will be better .


  I thought it would be through the hotline tomorrow , The problem will be easy to solve , Unexpected things , The process of dialing a hotline really wants people to call . Just a few times , All prompt busy tone , Later, he recommended intelligent customer service to me . Then consult according to the questions , Select various buttons , Finally, the Taobao manual customer service , I asked Taobao customer service to solve the problem , They said I didn't buy Taobao , I have to call Ali's mother's hotline . I said I couldn't get through , The customer service said to connect me . I have to wait every time 1 There are many kinds , The tragedy has shifted several times , Every customer service said to transfer me to Ali's mother hotline , Finally, they were all transferred to the Taobao customer service hotline , last , I'm really a little angry , On Taobao customer service , I've been transferred several times, but it hasn't been solved , Let him give me a solution , He said he had no authority , Said the product was promoted by Ali's mother , Let's find Ali's mother , Then he told me to log in to Ali's mother with Taobao account to see if there were any orders , There was no way , Say yes , I'll take a look . later , Mobile phones and pc The platform of the end , It's broken , Ali mom platform is full of marketing services , How can there be an order on the goods . I sort out my thoughts , I'm on the list on Taobao , A snapshot of Taobao , Alipay's bill also shows Taobao . Must find Taobao customer service solution , So it passed again PC Taobao customer service , communicate , I was transferred several times , It's almost noon , The customer service said he couldn't solve the problem , I said you'd transfer it to the competent supervisor, and I agreed . I didn't expect that the customer service director wanted me to transfer , He can't do anything else , Business running , Let me call the police . I can't stand it , Tell her I'm coming 12315 Complaints , Then he said he didn't care , sure . At this time, I have collapsed , Hundreds of dollars to call the police , Can the police take care of it , There is little hope for a complaint .

But I still have a try , reach 12315 On the platform , Submit a complaint .



summary , Taobao platform should have the right to supervise the business , There is such a problem , Taobao didn't fulfill its responsibilities , Give customers satisfactory answers , instead , Playing football everywhere , It's outrageous !