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As a career person, I have a deep experience , Too much work , Sometimes it seems disorganized , Memory is getting worse and worse , A lot of things are forgotten when they are interrupted , When the leader came back to ask you for something, he suddenly remembered that it was not finished . Where's my father , yes or no !!!

The ancients said , Bad writing is better than good memory , As a career veteran, let me tell you , You need an easy-to-use desktop note to organize your daily work , It can make your work organized . So children's desk notes
It's one I use in my daily office , A very good one, simple but not simple , Desktop note tool with rich functions , Push, push, push ~~~

2  just   writing

Children's desktop note is a lighter desktop note software , Note function is simple and rich , Here is a brief introduction to the main functions of children's desktop notes :

2.1 Basic note function

2.2 Note skin changing function


It is very convenient to change the template skin , And can customize the template , Use your favorite cartoon , beauty , A picture of a handsome man as the background of a note , The work is full of vigor !

2.3 Add alarm function

Set alarm reminder , It needs to be timed , Regular tasks can remind you in time , That's wonderful ...

2.4 hold-all

The Toolbox provides desktop file collection , Timing shutdown and screen color extraction function , Maybe one day you'll use it !

2.5 other

Other styles , I will not introduce the adjustment and other functions one by one , Interested students quickly use it ...

3 Write at the end

Efficient office is the basic professional quality that everyone in the workplace should have , Let's take action ~~~