I played a game two days ago and was afraid of notebook poisoning, so I used the shadow system , later GG When I went online, I saw that Tute was a friend in need ,win10 It's almost cool with shadow , Let me offer you some experience of solving it by myself ! I am win10.

Several options appear when the computer is turned on

Go to advanced options

Start repair : I found that it couldn't be fixed , Unlimited blue screen restart , Then I'm going to go into safe mode , There is a startup setting in the advanced options , In the startup settings, I choose the security mode with network link , And then it's useless ~

Uninstall preview update : I think it's because of the shadow system , I'll just uninstall the shadow software ? Then I tried not to let you perform the unload operation , Enter the directory where the shadow software is installed through the black window , Deleting a file is no good either , Because the system file has been damaged , It's no use deleting it again ~

System restore : This one has been successful , But I failed because I didn't set the restore point before ( You can't restore without backup )~

Reset computer : I can't help it. I have to reset it , I choose to keep the file reset , It's too hard to delete all the files ( If you don't have anything on your computer, you've tried the following methods , I think you can do that ), After all, there are many useful things in the computer , Reset to 50% It's time to fail , At this time, I think of the infinite blue screen when there is a prompt line termination code :BAD_SYSTEM_CONFIG
Bad system configuration file , At this time, I know the system file damage caused , I estimate what the shadow system did to my computer or I shut it down improperly , Now that's the only reason , The system is so powerful , More firm belief that the system can be restored without reloading ( Go out for fear of infection )~

command prompt ☆: Click the command prompt to enter the black window operation —— Find the system file , Because the computer recovered, the window couldn't be found , The operation is the same , Look at the operation .

Press enter for each command line , Indicates that the command is executed

The first step ( Switch to C disc ): input c:

When we open the window, what we see is X:, It doesn't matter. , Just input

Step two ( Enter the directory where the system file is located ): input cd Windows\System32\config

cd It's an order to enter the directory

cd … Yes, return to the previous directory ( remember )

Can view config What's in the file , input dir

The five files marked with colors are system related files , Some people say it's green , Some say it's yellow , Others say it's brown ...

Stop talking , You're exposed ~

According to the words, we can roughly know what these files are related to

Then you find a folder Regback

I know the meaning of the words , OK, let's go in

input :cd Regback

input :dir

There are differences here ..

Is there someone RegBack It contains five files marked with colors , So congratulations , You directly RegBack There are five documents in it config Just replace the one inside , The specific operation is as follows ( Prompt whether to replace , input Y Can be replaced , Be sure to enter RegBack catalog ):

Because of the landlord RegBack There are no documents in it , So the system couldn't find it , You have input Y Replace it ..

The replacement is ready , sign out

Someone's direct X sign out , Can you push Ge higher ...

input :exit


Reset computer


say something RegBack What if there are no documents in the library ( I didn't , feel stifled !)

For termination code :BAD_SYSTEM_CONFIG The most practical method on the network is to operate through the command indicator in the advanced options , stay dos Black window through the command operation will Regback Five documents in config Replace in ( Operation above ), If you don't have these files, you have to reload the system , After all, there are only a few advanced options we can see , There's nothing to play with ~

But the owner thinks win10 The system should be awesome , So I'm going to try again ( Go out for fear of infection )

Now it's basically determined that the system file is damaged , I can only fix the files without reloading the system , Do a good backup of the operation file first, don't lose the file ..

The first step : stay config Create folder under directory

input :md ss

take config The five files inside are copied to ss Folder ( The operation is similar to the above )

input :copy DEFAULT ss

The source file has been backed up , Feel free to play !

There are probably two ways :

one : I asked Peng to send his system files (win10) send it to me , I'll pass again U The device is transferred to the computer

problem 1: After the device is connected to the computer , Unable to display , Therefore, the file replacement operation cannot be completed , The reason is unknown

problem 2: Friends because the system works normally , The file is in use and cannot be operated , So you need to restart to enter the advanced option, copy the system files to the disk in the command indicator, and then transfer them to me , I'm afraid my friends will beat me , too troublesome ~

two : We can only rely on the automatic repair of the system

But the repair failed before , So I tried five system files , It's damaged and backed up anyway

I delete five files , File error cannot be repaired , I'll just delete it , I wonder if the system can work ~

stay config Enter in the directory :del file name

Five documents , Try one by one , If it doesn't work, I'll give it to you ss Restore files under folder to config Medium

from ss Restore files in

I keep deleting files, i.e. restoring them before repairing the system ( There are only five documents , It takes time to repair and reset the computer automatically ), Then I reset the computer ( Keep files ), succeed ,c The tray has been cleaned up , Restore the system to its original state , Other normal use !

summary :RegBack There are files in the basic recovery no problem , You can also try system restore , and RegBack I don't have any files in it , In fact, the operation is very vague , Although it was successful , It's just a blind attempt , Delete that file, repair it and restart it , I'm not sure , But I'm sure win10 Automatic repair can be slow , But it works .

Desperate, even reset can not reset you on the operation of a fierce tiger bar , It's a big deal to reload the system , I don't want to go out and pretend , There is also a teaching system on the Internet . In this case, you can take some time to study , Anyway, I repaired the computer all day , I learned a lot , Although not very good , But all this knowledge is of our own . If RegBack No file can be solved without reloading the system, which can leave your valuable opinions , Let me give you a hint , Avoid detours , feel stifled ~