<> Happy new year to you all , Happy every day

<> Form operation

<> effect : User interaction

<> Application scenarios : Mail transmission

<> Data types of common forms

* Input Single line text
use v-model Two way data binding
* textarea Multiline text
use v-model Enjoy bidirectional data binding
* select Drop down multiple choice
Set one for each option value And give select set up v-model Value of ( You can choose one or more )
If you want to choose more than one Need to be select set up multiple=“true” perhaps direct writing multiple
* radio Radio
Set one for each option value And set the same v-model
v-model The value of is the value of the option selected in the default radio box value value
* check Checkbox
Set different settings for them value value And the same v-model value
v-model The value of is the value of the option selected in the default multiple choice box value value ( array )
<> Form field modifier

* number: Convert to numeric
* trim Remove the beginning and end spaces
* lazy: take input Event switch to change event <input v-model.number="age" type="number">
<> Extracurricular knowledge

input Button Can pass @click.prevent To prevent the default behavior and achieve the desired function

<> Recent mood

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