introduce :
Tampermonkey There are a lot of scripts in , Can facilitate our daily use of the Internet .
There is a saying : period Tampermonkey( greasemonkey ) I don't even know how to surf the Internet .

obtain Tampermonkey Steps for :
1.( This paper introduces the method of getting in common browser , It can also be installed in other browsers , The installation method is similar ),
2. First, open the Microsoft Store , Search among them Tampermonkey, Then get it , The steps are as follows :

inspect :
After installation , We open our own browser :

Click to open

Click the management panel

There is no script here , Now we need to go back , Then get the script ( I have installed two scripts here , So it shows two scripts .)
4 Get script

Click to get the script , We will find the following interface :

What about now , We just click on one to enter ( I'm here , Click on the first one )

At this time , We have entered the search script interface ; We can search directly in the search box , You can also create a list of store scripts directly ( For example, what I click here is the script list , There will be the following interface )

We just click on one ( for instance , Let's click on the first one )

5. set up script :

Using scripts :
What about here , Casually find a download connection :
We'll notice one more on the left side of the page vip The logo of .

then , We click on it , Enter the extraction code of the extraction file here :

It will download , At this point, we will find that , Its download speed , Obviously better than when you don't use scripts , Much faster .

last :

actually Tampermonkey( greasemonkey ) There are many other scripts that are more powerful , If you are interested, you can try it yourself , Here is no more introduction . At the same time, we can also according to their own needs , Write your own script .
If there is a mistake , Please forgive me , At the same time, if you have any questions, you can email or qq
mailbox :1017190168@qq.com QQ Same number as mailbox .

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