lately ,# Gugu: the worst Panda # This topic has become a hot topic . Then it came into the view of netizens , There's another one 2000 Since 18 Summary of giant panda injuries .

   It's a serious and lovely name in the form :「 Bear in question 」, It's true. It's a hit .

   among , Almost got it Panda Kill Gu Gu and his hand 100% The Xi Mei of the critical hit is particularly eye-catching .

   Yes, I have 4 second 「 criminal record 」 Giant panda Gugu , Maybe you think he's not good at all , He is a fierce panda with a short temper .

   But this is not the case ,2017 year , Gu Gu was also responsible for receiving Mrs. trump who was visiting China . He is gentle and honest , It has left a good impression on international friends .

   that , What is the reason , Give Way 「 Diplomatic Ambassador 」 It became 「 Bear in question 」 What about it ? Crazy pill after investigation found that , So far 4 A personal injury , We can't blame it all on Gu Gu's cerebellar pouch .

   Let's sort out the course of these events .

  2006 year 9 month 19 day

   A drunk man climbed over the two meter high fence of the giant panda stadium and headed for Gugu, who was still sleeping ,

   Gu Gu was scared to death , Open self protection mode directly .

   He held the drunkard's calf and chewed it . Later, one person and one bear were found by the patrol staff , That's how the war is under control .

   According to the man's recollection afterwards , He also took a bite on Gugu's back , How thick the skin is …… He is a good fighter .

   Gugu : Bears sleep at home , Mouth on the back .

  2007 year 10 month 22 day

   one person 15 The 12-year-old scavenger suddenly yelled at Gu Gu outside the giant panda games : I'm not afraid of you. !

   Then jump into the field , I want to have a good time when I get close to you rua one rua Gugu , As a result, Gu Gu chased him and left a wound .

  2009 year 1 month 7 day

   One 6 The 12-year-old boy threw his toy into Gugu's playground ,

   The boy's father was knocked down by Gu Gu in the process of helping his son pick up the toy , The leg was badly bitten .

   The man said afterwards , He thinks the pandas are very docile and honest , I didn't expect to have such a fierce side ……

  2012 year 5 month 18 day

   Another man jumped into the giant panda stadium , I want to take a close-up of Gu Gu .

   Fortunately, this time, Gu Gu left a tooth mark on his leg , No problem .

   It can be seen that , In Gu Gu's achievements , Not once did Gu Gu take the initiative , It's all human beings who suddenly break into the highlands and frighten the ancients , As a result, he was killed and all three roads collapsed .

   As a result of special sanctions against illegal elements , Gu Gu was also honored with the honor 「 Security team leader of Beijing Zoo 」 title .

   In addition to the strong sense of territory , Giant pandas are also very concerned about protecting their cubs .

   High damage burst Assassin —— Xi Mei made a mistake on each of these two points .

  2005 year 8 month 9 day

   Several reporters went over the fence of the giant panda playground to take a picture with Xi Mei , The frightened Xi Mei grabs a female reporter by the arm , Pull down a piece of meat alive .

  2016 year 12 month 17 day , It can be said that 20 The most serious injury of giant panda in .

   At that time, Wei Hua, Ximei's keeper, observed the situation in her and her baby's training ground , As a result, he accidentally got in the middle of the cub and himei .

   My sister is eager to protect her baby , All of a sudden, Wei Hua was knocked down .

   The bite force is the fifth largest in carnivores. A big bear's beak makes Wei Hua's hamstring , All the carpal bones were broken ,

   The muscles of the limbs have been torn out of shape , Even the palm of the left hand was bitten off by a third .

   Because of the violence , Let's feel it through the way the giant panda eats ……

   But despite being injured like this , Wei Hua, who loves giant pandas, is still thinking about Xi Mei ,

   He said it was the natural behavior of wild animals , There is no way to hate her in my heart .

   The accident happened during the wild training of Xi Mei's mother and son , It's the State Forestry Administration 2010 Started in Wolong in 「 Wild release 」 Part of the experiment .

   The cultivation base simulates the scene of the field , Make giant panda adapt to living independently in nature , Finally, the goal of wild giant panda protection can be achieved .

   This time, Xi Mei's behavior for her baby also proves that she has basically possessed the wild nature of independent life , The wild training was very successful .

   In the future, there will also be more circle rolling to follow Xi Mei's steps to return to nature . But this requires that we should pay more attention to the giant panda 「 have seen little of the world 」 Time , Make room for their growth .

   It is not only to protect our personal safety that tourists are forbidden to touch giant pandas at will , But also for the health of the giant panda .

   Because without inspection and disinfection , All kinds of bacteria carried by human body are likely to infect giant panda with weak immune system .

   therefore , For a round future , Let's be a good baby in the garden with crazy pill ~