I believe many users have encountered it Mac
The problem of computer disk space shortage . If you've ever received a terrible 「 The disk is almost full 」 news , How to deal with it ? In fact, you can use some simple and effective methods , Free up some considerable disk space quickly , Today, I'll share with you some tips Mac Tips for insufficient disk space .

1, Exit and reopen the application

Like some browsers ,Photoshop
And so on , They all create a large number of temporary cache files at runtime . If you haven't quit these apps for a long time , These cached files will continue to grow , And they don't usually get cleaned up ( Until the application is exited ).

2, Dump the wastebasket regularly

It sounds simple, doesn't it ? But it's also one of the easiest things to forget . Waste paper basket after a period of time 「 grow up 」 It will continue 「 expand 」, Sometimes Mac There's not enough disk space on the computer's hard drive just because a lot of things have been moved to the wastebasket , But actually , These things are still on your disk . If you rarely empty the wastebasket , Right click on the wastebasket icon and choose empty .

3, open Finder Status bar at the bottom

Enable Finder The status bar in lets you notice the available disk space , This way you won't be unaware of the disk usage . from Finder
The menu bar is pulled down 「 see 」 menu , choice 「 show the status bar 」 that will do .

4, Uninstall apps you don't use frequently

Another effective way to free disk space , It's just to unload something you don't use very often Mac application program . Here Xiaobian recommend a super easy to use software uninstall tool App Uninstaller for
Mac, This is a new version Mac Practical application program unloading software on the platform , use App Uninstaller The software can be completely uninstalled and will be Mac Remove all traces left in !