design sketch

#!/usr/bin/env python # -*- coding:utf-8 -*- from turtle import * ''' Drawing the head of Pikachu
''' def face(x,y): """ Face painting """ begin_fill() penup() # Move the turtle to the specified coordinates goto(x, y)
pendown() # Set the direction of the turtle setheading(40) circle(-150, 69) fillcolor("#FBD624") #
Move the turtle to the specified coordinates penup() goto(53.14, 113.29) pendown() setheading(300) circle(-150,
30) setheading(295) circle(-140, 20) print(position()) forward(5)
setheading(260) circle(-80, 70) print(position()) penup() goto(-74.43,-79.09)
pendown() penup() # Move the turtle to the specified coordinates goto(-144,103) pendown() setheading(242)
circle(110, 35) right(10) forward(10) setheading(250) circle(80, 115)
print(position()) penup() goto(-74.43,-79.09) pendown() setheading(10) penup()
goto(-144, 103) pendown() penup() goto(x, y) pendown() end_fill() # chin penup()
goto(-50, -82.09) pendown() pencolor("#DDA120") fillcolor("#DDA120")
begin_fill() setheading(-12) circle(120, 25) setheading(-145) forward(30)
setheading(180) circle(-20, 20) setheading(143) forward(30) end_fill() #
penup() # # Move the turtle to the specified coordinates # goto(0, 0) # pendown() def eye(): """ Draw eyes """ # left eye
color("black","black") penup() goto(-110, 27) pendown() begin_fill()
setheading(0) circle(24) end_fill() # Left eye color("white", "white") penup()
goto(-105, 51) pendown() begin_fill() setheading(0) circle(10) end_fill() # right eye
color("black", "black") penup() goto(25, 40) pendown() begin_fill()
setheading(0) circle(24) end_fill() # Right eye color("white", "white") penup()
goto(17, 62) pendown() begin_fill() setheading(0) circle(10) end_fill() def
cheek(): """ Draw cheek """ # right color("#9E4406", "#FE2C21") penup() goto(-130, -50)
pendown() begin_fill() setheading(0) circle(27) end_fill() # left
color("#9E4406", "#FE2C21") penup() goto(53, -20) pendown() begin_fill()
setheading(0) circle(27) end_fill() def nose(): """ Draw nose """ color("black",
"black") penup() goto(-40, 38) pendown() begin_fill() circle(7,steps = 3)
end_fill() def mouth(): """ Draw mouth """ color("black", "#F35590") # Lips penup()
goto(-10, 22) pendown() begin_fill() setheading(260) forward(60) circle(-11,
150) forward(55) print(position()) penup() goto(-38.46, 21.97) pendown()
end_fill() # tongue color("#6A070D", "#6A070D") begin_fill() penup() goto(-10.00,
22.00) pendown() penup() goto(-14.29, -1.7) pendown() penup() goto(-52, -5)
pendown() penup() goto(-60.40, 12.74) pendown() penup() goto(-38.46, 21.97)
pendown() penup() goto(-10.00, 22.00) pendown() end_fill()
color("black","#FFD624") penup() goto(-78, 15) pendown() begin_fill()
setheading(-25) for i in range(2): setheading(-25) circle(35, 70) end_fill()
color("#AB1945", "#AB1945") penup() goto(-52, -5) pendown() begin_fill()
setheading(40) circle(-33, 70) goto(-16,-1.7) penup() goto(-18,-17) pendown()
setheading(155) circle(25, 70) end_fill() def ear(): """ Draw ears """ # Left ear
color("black","#FFD624") penup() goto(-145, 93) pendown() begin_fill()
setheading(165) circle(-248,50) right(120) circle(-248,50) end_fill()
color("black", "black") penup() goto(-240, 143) pendown() begin_fill()
setheading(107) circle(-170, 25) left(80) circle(229, 15) left(120) circle(300,
15) end_fill() # Right ear color("black", "#FFD624") penup() goto(30, 136) pendown()
begin_fill() setheading(64) circle(-248, 50) right(120) circle(-248, 50)
end_fill() color("black", "black") penup() goto(160, 200) pendown()
begin_fill() setheading(52) circle(170, 25) left(116) circle(229, 15) left(71)
circle(-300, 15) end_fill() def setting(): """ Setting parameters """ pensize(2) # Hidden turtle
hideturtle() speed(10) def main(): """ Principal function """ setting() face(-132,115) eye()
cheek() nose() mouth() ear() done() if __name__ == '__main__': main()

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