2 month 22 day , Byte beat game official website is now officially online , The brand name is “ Day and night ”, The English name is NVERSEGAME.

   Official website introduction display , Asahi Lightyear is a game R & D and distribution company for global users and developers . By providing top-level games and building a community of players , The year is dedicated to serving global players , Bring fun and inspiring experience to every player .

   it is reported , The year of dawn and night was founded in 2019 year , Previously has been a byte beating game distribution and production institutions , This time, the brand name of the game was officially determined .

   It is reported that , The year of dawn and night has released a number of games in China , as 《 End the battlefield 》《 Sound jump ball 》《 Escort 》《 The story of civet cat 》《 Hot blood street basketball 》《 All star fight 》《Portal
Man》《 The art of war 》《 Firepower duel 》 and 《 Naruto : Peak duel 》 etc .

   such as 《 Naruto : Peak duel 》 It's a model issued by the agent of zhaoxiguangnian 3D
Huoying Open World Adventure Tour , Authorized by Huoying Copyright Committee . Players can set up Ninja Team in the real world of immersion fire shadow , Experience classic characters , Release Ninja .

  《 Escort 》 It's the hardline national style martial arts hand tour issued by the agent of Zhaoxi guangnian . Splash ink national style , Dynamic interpretation of love and hatred in troubled times ; Heroes of Sui and Tang Dynasties , Shoulder to shoulder escort , There is also a reward , Explore the adventure of Gonghu .

  《 The story of civet cat 》 It's issued by the agent of zhaoxiguangnian - Huafeng light sweet story mobile Tour . You will make a living in the cat business , Explore the truth , Get to know each other through growing experience . More cable dubbing lineup , To present you with the most sense of substitution " sound ” Dynamic fetters .