1998-2005 year , I study electronic engineering in Zhejiang University , Because of his love for electronic engineering and excellent results , I'm recommended to graduate students , The research direction is circuit and system , The simple point is the hardware + Embedded software development , So I was born interdisciplinary , Design of existing hardware circuit , There are also embedded software development .2005 After master's degree in , Come to Shanghai , Joined Huawei , Base station hardware development , It's an electronic engineer , Responsible for board design , And base station daily bug maintain . From my own experience , An engineering student mastering one or two skills of different subjects can make him competent for more challenging jobs , It's also easier to stand out . In Huawei , I'm in charge of the hardware board design , At the same time, he also participated in the microcode of other departments ( Assembly level programming language ) development , Both hardware and software are designed , I also know software , At the early stage of his career, he positioned himself as a comprehensive talent , It has laid a good foundation for the follow-up development of their own technology .


2006 year 9 month , I naturally offered to leave , Because I always feel that I don't like to be a screw , Huawei's communication system projects are few 100 people , Many 1000 Human joint development , Everyone is a screw in it , I don't think that's what I want . In fact, now it seems that , It's a naive idea , Not to mention a screw in a large system is my own experience , It is said that any small company's small project also needs teamwork , We need to make screws first , Only then has the opportunity to grow into the core of the whole project Leader. So the project is big or small , The key is whether you grow up in it , Can we learn new knowledge ? After I left , Huawei distributed shares to its employees , If you stay till now , Annual income is also enviable , This time, I missed Huawei , I don't think I'll have another chance to be predestined with it in this life , I can only wish my colleagues who are still in Huawei .


After leaving Huawei , I joined a mobile phone design company -- Simton , It and the Dragon flag were called function phones at that time (Feature
Phone) Huangpu Military Academy , A large number of them left their jobs and started their own companies , It's time to start boss, It has also achieved great returns and great success . The Department I joined at that time was the module division , What we're doing is IoT( Internet of things ) communication module , Main focus long distance communication technology , such as 2G,3G wait . So in fact, I'm very close to the air outlet of the feature phone , But not in the tuyere , Our department is developing slowly , I'm not warm enough to stay , From engineer to Hardware Director ,6 The new year passed in a hurry , Look back , I didn't grow up much , My own technical vision , In particular, the business feeling is not particularly improved , So I'm kind of ready to move , stay 2012 year 9 month , I finally made up my mind to leave and start a business , And take it from the company N+1, Venture in the sea , In fact, at this time , I only have a Bluetooth loss preventer on hand demo, How to operate commercially , No experience . I had to take my own elaborate PPT seek VC( risk investment ), Took part in a lot of roadshows , I never got the investment , And this time , I'm unemployed 1 Months , I suddenly feel a little confused about my future . Fortunately , I've been in touch with myself 3 I was finally invested in by a venture capital company in the last two months , I started to register companies , The job of recruiting partners , In fact, partners are partners and classmates in the early stage of the project , Commercialization was not considered at that time , No experience , As a boss ,“ look for sb. , give change , Find the direction ”, I made two mistakes , I didn't find a marketing partner when I was looking for someone , This left a curse for later business expansion , After all, a company depends on sales to make profits , Later, I managed to do sales , Although also achieved good sales performance , But compared with Coban's professional sales partners , I still don't have enough time . Another mistake is to find direction , Bluetooth lost preventer made by himton , Actually, it belongs to intelligent hardware , But this product is chicken , It's not a just need product , Therefore, this direction can not achieve a great cause , So the pattern of direction selection is not enough , It's easy to touch the ceiling of your career , Although we are the best at home , But it can't change the outcome of chicken ribs , It has never been able to get the company on track . If you chose a Bluetooth like one at that time WiFi( All of them 2.4G Wireless communication technology of frequency band ) Start a business , Now it may be another blog ( Another half a year later than us WiFi Smart socket start up company , Me and them boss Friends, too , I had a road show together , Later, they raised money many times , Life is very prosperous ).


after 5 Years of tossing , Change direction in the middle , Technology Outsourcing ,IoT education , But toss and toss, always did not find a have “ Comparative advantage ” The direction of , I can only keep closing the company , I spent a lot of time in starting a company 5 More than a year , In the end 2017 end of the year , I'm going to end my business , Start a new career .


2017 Christmas in , It's a Monday , Full of melancholy and curiosity about Internet companies, I entered Alibaba Xixi park to report , I never imagined that there would be an Internet company in my career , I remember more than a month ago , The interviewer asked me ,“ Why didn't you think about Internet companies in your previous career ”, At that time, I thought deeply 30 second , Yeah , Why have I never considered joining an Internet company ? university graduated ,2005 year -2006 year , I worked in Huawei for a year and a half , Do base station hardware + Embedded development .2006 year -2012 year , I'm quiet on my cell phone IDH( Design company ) I was stunned 6 year , I'm curious , How can a restless person like me stay in a company 6 year .2012 year , I go to the sea to start a business , It was Bluetooth BLE And the time node of the rise of intelligent hardware , I caught up with the wind , Unfortunately, I didn't grasp it ,2017 end of the year , I ended all the business of the start-up company in frustration . stay 2016 reach 2017 In the past year , I read books for a year , yes , It's a year's book , at least 100 Many books , It covers history , Geography , mathematics , artificial intelligence , Economics , shares , Administration , Also spent a year thinking about life , cause , future . okay , No more , Personal career does not intersect with Internet companies , The only intersection is , Their innovative small company once got Qihoo 360 It's just a company investment , I got it, too 360 Of ZHY Meeting with , I had a long talk 4 return .


Just arrived in Ali , Title: senior technical expert , Responsible for Bluetooth mesh Technical implementation of the whole scheme . single , A gun , Product Manager XJ partner , Start the grand IoT Bluetooth mesh Commercialization landing , It's a 0 reach 1 Project for , To me , There are challenges , But it's not hard , Because of the past 5 I've been here for more than ten years 0 reach 1 On my way , So I'm used to it . When it comes to challenges , I have to say that in such a large platform , How to work , I seem a little strange , It's like starting a career 6 Three months later , A friend of my product manager XC Comment on me ,“ Gu de , What are you doing 5 More than years of entrepreneurial experience makes you lack a large section of working experience in large companies ”, exactly , Just started 1 Months , I'm still a little confused about how to work . Of course, as a serial entrepreneur , These challenges are also a learning process . So I first put together a work plan , That is, I think Bluetooth mesh What technical talents should be allocated for technology landing , For example, hardware engineers , Driving Engineer ,App engineer , How much budget is needed , wait . After a week , I made a plan , Like Bluetooth mesh The position and significance of tmall spirit ecology , Bluetooth mesh How to do the module , How many , How much does it cost and so on , Then he spent another week reporting his ideas to the leaders , And also communicated with the leaders across departments , Sort of aligned .


Then there's Bluetooth mesh Scheme details output , I calm down , Download Bluetooth from Bluetooth official website mesh The agreement , At first sight, there are some 3 Documents , Estimate 600 Multi page , English version . Reading English version is my strong point , But I know the process has to be consistent , Never be interrupted too often , So I spent a lot of time 2 Week time , Every day at work is to read documents , Nothing else , drink water , use the toilet , Look at the document , Make a summary , Then drink water , use the toilet , Look at the document , Make a summary .2 Weeks later , I've absorbed the entire agreement 80% Essence , according to 28 principle , The rest 20% May take up 80% It's going to take a long time to finish , So it's not cost-effective to continue to spend time now , It can be used for further study , But it does not affect the understanding of the whole technical architecture . At this time , I started the design of software architecture , Output the corresponding architecture document , And planned the work of new employees in the future .


A major principle of work , We need to learn how to use our strength , Don't do everything by yourself , We should make good use of external resources . So in this Bluetooth mesh In the output of software architecture , I found that the chip companies we worked with LFK, There's a great deal of technology TN, Contact Bluetooth earlier mesh technology ( Bluetooth SIG organization 2017 The technology was launched in the middle of the year ), I know the technology better than I do , So when I do the technical architecture , hold 20% What I don't understand , Through and TN Constant mail , Telephone , Nail to nail communication , Yes 2 We need a week to make up for these knowledge points ( still 28 principle , I think we've made it up 20% In 80%, The rest 4% In the follow-up work continue to supplement ), Also completed the first draft of the technical architecture , And send to TN to examine , And got good feedback .


A digression , Through the above description , If you are new to the workplace , We need to master a new technology , New technology in any industry , Be sure to use it 20% Quick time control 80% Knowledge points of , Then you can work , Subsequent 20% Knowledge points , May take up 80% Time control , You can break up and continue to study in your daily work , Or ask professionals to make up slowly , There's no need to keep learning for perfection , Instead, turn around and start working or learning in other directions .