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lately , Google's annual report to regulators 10-K The report warned that , Employees working at home will affect the efficiency of the company , Competitiveness and corporate culture . Google said ,2021
There will be more employees returning to offline office in 2010 .

Google said in its annual report :“2021
year , As we return to work in more locations , We will face increased costs , For example, we need to prepare the office space , In addition, try mixed office mode . in addition , These factors will also affect our ability to compete effectively and maintain our corporate culture .”

2020 year 3 month , Google requires employees to work at home . last year 9 month , Google CEO
Sandar · He said , Google began to implement mixed office mode , Including rearrangement of office space , Planning for long-term home office . At the end of last year , Pichai has sent emails to employees , Notice to extend home office hours to 2021 year
9 month 1 day .

before , Google has generously reimbursed employees for the purchase of home office equipment , The highest 1000 Amount of reimbursement in US dollars . it is reported , Google currently has
13.5 10000 full time employees , The same number of contract workers are also employed through third party labour companies .

Except Google , There are also many technology giants in the last year also opened a new mode of home office .

2020 year 5 month 13 day , Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey Post employee email announcement , Some employees are allowed to work at home permanently , And he himself had planned to live in Africa 3-6
Months , Remotely leading twitter headquarters in San Francisco .

Facebook CEO mark · Zuckerberg is there, too 2020 year 5 month 21 Japanese expression ,Facebook
will “ positive ” Recruiting more teleworkers , And will “ Cautiously ” Create permanent telecommuting jobs for existing employees . Zuckerberg said :“ For a company of our size , We will be the leading company in telework .”

Zuckerberg even predicts the future 5 reach 10 Within the year ,Facebook yes 50% Employees may work remotely .

Telecommuting has many advantages , But office efficiency is really a headache . Some netizens said “ Why do we work at home , Working hours are later than work ”,“ It does not affect the efficiency, but directly extends the office hours ”, More netizens pointed out to the point “ Home office is inefficient ”.

I've experienced it last year “ Telecommuting ” Months of you , What do you think of home office ? Welcome to vote , Discuss and communicate in the message area !