2019 At the beginning of the new year , One called V-Dimension( abbreviation VDS) The mysterious projects in the coin circle and chain circle quietly rise , Many retired money circle tycoons , because VDS The unique charm of , We're back on our mission ; More active participants share the same characteristics , They all missed out on the new generation of bitcoin . Enthusiasm of all participants , Promoted VDS Token Vollar From the beginning 1.3 Yuan soared all the way to 30 multivariate , And the rising energy does not decrease . What is it that makes us so selfless VDS What about in the project ? This article is going to start from a special angle , Let's discuss this problem with you .

In the world of digital currency , The name of Nakamoto , No doubt it has magic ! No exaggeration , In the field of blockchain , Nakamoto has even become the belief of a large number of diehards , It's like a Buddhist's devout faith in Sakyamuni . This belief does not just come from Nakamoto's creation of bitcoin and blockchain technology , The huge amount of bitcoin still in his own bitcoin address has never been used .
Nakamoto in the eyes of believers , Undoubtedly, it has become a place where money is regarded as dirt , Swordsmen who rob the rich and help the poor , So as to deepen the belief and pursuit of it !

however , Nakamoto is also a human being , It's not God . When a person is faced with the huge wealth he has created but can't control it , He'll find a way , They even want to get it by any means ; Nakamoto is not an ordinary person , He is a genius , So he thought of a gifted way to revitalize his great wealth —— Re develop a new blockchain network , Create a new token , And bind it with bitcoin , Using the new network to solve the problem that bitcoin network can't solve , And at the right time , Through the new token to perfect the realization of that part of the uncontrollable wealth —— That's probably what it is VDS The original intention of the design , Yes Vollar Our ultimate mission , In this process, colleagues created a new pricing mechanism of digital currency , Bitcoin standard !
That's a statement , A lot of people must think I'm old school . indeed , since VDS Since Yokohama was born , Many big men have discussed this problem from many aspects , We might as well review them one by one .

one , Project completion against the sky

VDS Project in 2019 year 2 month 14 It's officially launched on May 21 , Different from most traditional blockchain projects ,VDS There was no stone wheel , Angel wheel , Private placement , Raise money and other gimmicks , Before going online, there was no common process and means such as roadshow and promotion . There is no project side , There is no capital side , Anonymous technical team “ Three noes ” project , At the beginning of the launch , It's the main network + mobile phone APP+PC Mining section + Business model architecture + The most beautiful blockbuster official publicity has formed a mature blockchain , The completion of the functions of the white paper has reached 80%, This is the only one , The project of coin ring and chain ring is a kind of second killing and merciless crushing , It can be called image “ Dimension reduction strike ”! Any blockchain project wants to achieve such a degree of completion , What is required is not only superb blockchain programming technology , All the financial support , Mode architecture , Business thinking , Teamwork is the key to success , What's more difficult is that VDS Years of development , The outside world knew nothing about it !
See here , Do you feel cold behind your back , Goose bumps all over the floor ! Don't worry , The more wonderful things are still going on !

stay VDS In such a mature project , It is the absolute elites in this field that concentrate , The general characteristic of elite is full of personality , There may even be people who are proud of their talents , to one 's eyes there is no other , The wildness and pride of the first and the second . and VDS The core leader of the project , Without strong leadership skills , There is no brilliant future g Past achievements and unparalleled personal charm , How to lead such a gathering of elites ? Looking at the coin circle , At the same time meet the above conditions, but also always hidden identity not known by the world , I'm afraid Nakamoto will be alone !
two , Bitcoin address of the project side

stay VDS The first three weeks of project creation , For resonance transaction, bitcoin needs to be stored in a bitcoin address set by the project party , This bitcoin address became a hot topic at that time , Because this address is so special !

People who know something about digital currency understand it , All addresses are generated purely randomly , No one can be in a decentralized blockchain network “ Personal Tailor ” A personal address , This is technically impossible . But in VDS Bitcoin address of the project party , It's a number 1 The beginning is followed by the end 6 individual V Next one v This is my address , Such a single character is arranged consecutively for a 32 We can imagine how difficult it is to randomly generate characters of bit length , You can use the imagination of permutation and combination , How hard is it . If you say that the project side is purely relying on opening a few more addresses, it happens to encounter such an address , The probability is extremely small . So the person who can get the bitcoin address , Even if it's not Nakamoto , At least it was the absolute core of the bitcoin team . to make a long story short , All in all , I think the emergence of this address , Or give us unlimited reverie space : Nakamoto tsugawa VDS The relationship between them is inextricably linked !
three ,VDS The airdrop mechanism of the aircraft

VDS I'm afraid a lot of people have shared with you the airdrop mechanism , But I want to remind you of two points : The first is for bitcoin users 1:1 Airdrop , The second is to reward the enlightener Nakamoto Tsung in the initial ecological construction fund 100 Ten thousand Vollar, in other words , As long as Nakamoto imports his private key VDS My double wallets , What he's going to get is 1:1 Airdrop Vollar+100 Ten thousand reward Vollar. Friends ,VDS Project development team , To prove their project to the world
It's decentralized. It doesn't even leave one for itself Vollar, But he left something for Nakamoto 200 Ten thousand Vollar Opportunities for , Even if it is said to be Vollar When the value of bitcoin is equal to the price of bitcoin , Nakamoto not only cashed out his bitcoin unconsciously , We're not paying attention to doubling our assets . Let's think about it , Who would design such a complex structure for other people's cash out , Unless it's for himself , This model is probably designed by Nakamoto himself . Maybe I'm taking a villain's heart as a gentleman's belly , But logically, this possibility cannot be ruled out

four ,Vollar.com Registration time of domain name

About this domain name , It's actually a very interesting place . stay VDS Before the birth of the project ,Vollar It's not a meaningful word , It can even be said that there is no such word at all .Vollar And the dollar Dollar It's just a new word . stay 2010 People have been thinking about replacing the dollar with something since 1949 , But the people who put the idea into action and did make a difference , Only Nakamoto Tsung . Friends who always play domain names should know , There is no value in registering a domain name with a meaningless word , Who would be so boring 2010 Registered such a domain name in , Unless he knows that the word will appear in the future , And it's going to be hot . What's more, this domain name is registered from w No one ever used it , know VDS Born in the sky , This domain name highlights its great value . so to speak “ It was premeditated ”!
five , Nakamoto's last email
Last email from Nakamoto , Many friends in the coin circle know it . Just before , We don't have any clues to get in touch with this news , know VDS Born in the sky !
“ Maybe we never know the real reason why Nakamoto chose to leave , He's here 2011 year 4 month 23 Issued on Mike Hearn In his last email, he said —— I'm already doing something else !”

You can find the news , In this conversation, Nakamoto made it clear that he had started to do other things , Although he didn't say what he was doing , Just from then on , Nakamoto never showed up again . But from Nakamoto to now , There's never been one like that VDS Such projects appear , Can you relate yourself to the rise and fall of bitcoin so deeply , Even many of the founders of blockchain want to kill bitcoin , Claiming to be a blockchain 2.0,3.0 even to the extent that 4.0. The emergence of such a project and model design , It must be a way to deeply understand the advantages and disadvantages of bitcoin , And at the same time, compared with the special currency, people who have a hard to give up feeling will do it , So this person is most likely to be Nakamoto .
So about VDS Is it an opportunity or a fraud? I believe you should have some thinking. Finally, I wish you good luck Welcome to communicate with us

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