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Early article Xiao Wang introduced to you , about python Some of the knowledge and related development software installation skills , So what we're going to touch today is what's going on pycharm and anaconda Some of the use of skills and shortcuts , Not much , I'll go straight to the picture above

Shortcut key
The above annotation is some commonly used shortcut keys , I hope we can solve some problems in the usual experimental process .( The above pictures are from “ Little elephant College ”)

anaconda skill

Before we opened it for the first time ,anaconda We can input it when we need it “python” or “ipython” these two items. , Can achieve the effect of writing code in the terminal .“ipython” The effect of and in use pycharm Of python
console The effect is the same , If we do some simple grammar tests at ordinary times , We can use it anaconda Inside “ipython” Quick opening .

Another technique is that , We can use the anacond When I was young , open anaconda Start interface input “idle” It will show up automatically python
shell Programming interface . In addition, we are anaconda When there's a lot of code written in it , We want to “ eliminate ” The code above , We can hold it down “Ctrl+L” Achieve the effect , In practice , We can hold it down :“ Direction key ” Fast code switching .

There are many more anaconda Tips for , I will introduce it differently here , You need a full set of skills can be in our blog message , I'll send it to you in private .

pycharm How to use it

Beginners Xiaobai in the first open pycharm When I found out , The font inside is not good enough , I'm going to introduce the font and theme settings : First click on the left “file”
Just set the above , The font and color are very nice , Conducive to our usual color needs .

There is also an important issue , Before, Xiao Wang and some beginners were opening other files , Then when I go back to the program I wrote, I find that it can't be compiled , Prompt that there is no compilation environment , Now I'll take a picture for you
In general, our pycharm Some of the preparatory work has been almost done , If you encounter problems in the actual development process, don't forget that Baidu Jun will answer questions for you .

That's all for this article , If there is a small partner who needs to know about pycharm How to use dry goods , You can write to me in the comments section , There are also many python Books for you . Hurry up and like the comments , If you like my articles, remember to let more people find out .
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