An engineer who has just started to work after graduation , I must be enthusiastic about technology , It's also a very dedicated work . But work 3,4 And then I changed jobs to one or two companies , Gradually lost , I feel that the technology has been improved to a certain extent , It's better than just graduated college students , It's kind of superior , But more than that , It's not enough , I feel that there is a big gap , The key is simply to improve the technical ability , It seems that they will never catch up with the excellent predecessors , This confusion is completely understandable . I want to talk about engineers at this stage , How to grow .


I think , We must follow an important principle :“ Building the core competitiveness of individuals ”. Under the guidance of this important principle, there are many ways . such as , If you just want to take the technical route , Then we should aim for the future 20 year , Just make a direction , Do it all over the country , Even the best in the world . I find a lot of young people , I like the new and dislike the old , For example, a technology has been developed 3 year , I'm tired of it , Or just now 1 We've changed our direction since 2000 , And then it's easy to give up the position , Looking for hot technology again , And then put it in “ new ” In the arms of Technology , In fact, many of these so-called new technologies are inextricably linked with old technologies , So in essence, there is no special leap advantage . But because of the new jobs and new demands , Young engineers have to relearn , Accumulate experience again . It means that many advantages accumulated before do not exist . What's more , There is also a direct change in the nature of the work , Jump from engineer to marketing department , And then two years later I got tired of it , Another one FAE Try your job , Every line feed is a reset , Clear every time , It's all a fresh start . The time cost is huge , Therefore, young people are not recommended to change companies frequently , Especially frequent job changes .


In addition to focusing on one technology direction, dig deep , There are also people who can take a compound route , To make fun of , For example, someone is the best singer in the programming world , Who is the best cross talk speaker among product managers . In fact, technology + Administration , technology + market , technology + The compound routes of the products are very good , But there must be one aspect , such as “ technology ” As a backing , Not technology , Administration , market , I know a little about the products , I'm not proficient at all , Then this composite route is not easy to succeed . Grounded Technology , Have your own 80 Technology accumulation of sub industry , At the same time, even if we can 60 branch , So what are you doing with technology +XX There are many different fields 92 branch (1-(1-0.8)*(1-0.6)) It's over , So is that top10 The ruthless role of .


in summary , Dig deep into technical strength , Or technology +XX, Can achieve what I said “ Building the core competitiveness of individuals ” principle , Is there no next chance ?