Official news from China Railway Group ,1 month 20 day , after 13 Arduous construction in 2000 , dali-ruili railway ( Dali to Ruili ) Smooth connection of horizontal guide of Xiuling tunnel , The length of single driving is up to 9677
rice , It has set a new record for the longest single head tunneling of mountain tunnels in Asia .

   Dabao section of DARUI Railway ( Dali to Baoshan ) The proportion of bridges and tunnels reaches 86.5%, Common tunnel 21 Seat , At present, it has been completed 18 Seat .

   among , Xiuling tunnel is located in Yangbi County, Dali Bai Autonomous Prefecture, Yunnan Province , overall length 17.623 kilometre , It belongs to super long tunnel , The construction period is long 13 year .

  ( Picture from @ China Railway )

   At present, in the construction of super long tunnel in China , Most of them use horizontal holes , inclined shaft , Shaft construction method , In order to increase the working face of tunnel excavation , So as to achieve “ Long tunnel ” The purpose of .

   however , The environment of Xiuling tunnel is special , Only long-distance excavation at both ends of the entrance and exit can be adopted , The construction is difficult , Slow progress , It is also an important factor affecting the whole line of Darui railway “ Super roadblock ”.

   meanwhile , With the continuous extension of tunnel excavation length , The temperature in the cave remains high , The top of the palm is more than 40℃, The air humidity is closer 100%, The construction unit had to deliver it every day 10 Tons of ice to the construction site .

   in addition , The maximum buried depth of Xiuling tunnel is close to 1100 rice , And the particularity of red bed soft rock in western Yunnan , Mud and water inrush are often encountered in construction , Large deformation of soft rock , Risk of face collapse , And the whole tunnel has to go through 7
A fault fracture zone , The surrounding rock is changing every meter , The difficulty of construction can be imagined .

   To overcome the difficulties of Xiuling tunnel construction , Yunnan Guangxi Railway ( Shanghai Kunming passenger dedicated line ) Yunnan Company Darui railway headquarters organized all parties involved in the construction , It has been carried out 100 Research on other topics , Obtain national patent 2
term , Scientific research achievements at provincial and ministerial level 3 term , Enterprise level scientific research achievements 41 term .

   Darui railway is one of the most important railways in China 《 Medium and long term railway network planning 》 Improving road network layout and important projects of western development in China , China and Myanmar and other countries in the Indochina Peninsula are interconnected , Large capacity land transportation channel to the Indian Ocean , investment
257.3 RMB100mn , overall length 330 kilometre , Design speed 140 kilometre , The designed transport capacity is bus 12 yes / day , freight transport 1200 10000 tons / year .

   Forecast of Dali Baoshan section 2021 year 12 month 31 Open to traffic , Forecast of Baoshan Ruili section 2022 year 12
Open to traffic in May , Baoshan, Yunnan, will end at that time , The history of no train in Dehong and other minority areas , At the same time, the road transportation from Dali to Ruili will be shortened from six to seven hours at present 2 More than two hours , From Kunming to Ruili 4
About an hour and a half .