What certificate does computer major need to take an examination of during the university ?

one , National Computer Rank Examination , English is National Computer Rank
Examination, abbreviation NCRE. The certificate is simple , It is a required certificate for non computer major students . The certificate is divided into four levels : class a , second level , Level 3 , Level 4 . The average college student gets the second grade , Level three is about it . The most advanced of them —— Level 4 is equivalent to the primary level of the national soft test . in short , If it is for computer majors , This certificate is not very valuable .( If you can, you must , Don't worry )

two , Computer software proficiency test ( Soft test ), Usually the industry is directly called soft test . This certificate is the highest level examination for computer major in China , The professional level is much higher than the first level mentioned above . Its level : primary , intermediate , senior . There are many directions for the examination : Software , network , applied technology , Information system and information service . Generally speaking, it's the first line .

1. Primary certificate — programmer

There are certain requirements for college students' programming ability and algorithm , The last big question in the exam is basically a programming question every year , So even though it's junior , But it's not easy .

2. Intermediate certificate — Software designer

Almost no programming questions , But it covers a wide range , It's almost a sophomore , Most of the core computer courses in junior year , Like data organization , software engineering , Compiling principles, etc . It's basically theoretical , So there are more things to memorize by rote . Clench one's teeth , It's OK . Most college students get to the intermediate level . It's intermediate , It really means that we have studied hard , He is a good student .

3. Advanced Certificate — System Analyst

Few college students can pass the certificate , Because this certificate has certain requirements for work experience , I need to write a computer paper . Therefore, people who have worked for two or three years will take this certificate .

three , Cisco Certification , Cisco certificate is the most popular Certificate in China , The recognition of this certificate is universal , It can only be said that Cisco is a great company . But Cisco's directions are all network oriented , It's for Cisco's network devices . Its specific classification :CCNA,CCDA,CCNP,CCDP,CCSP,CCIP,CCVP,CCIE. There are many branches . Common test grades : primary CCNA, intermediate CCNP, senior CCIE.

1. primary CCNA

If college students take this certificate , The interview company will definitely treat you differently . The examination fee is not high , Around 2000 . Place of examination domestic .

2. intermediate CCNP

The examination cost is about 4000 yuan , Place of examination domestic .

3. senior CCIE( most nb Proof of )

It should be said that the most practical certificate . Taking this certificate is equivalent to getting the starting price directly 10 An annual salary job . Written examination fee 250 dollar , Test site in China . Laboratory examination fee 1w More than RMB , And only Beijing and Hong Kong . There's a kid in the neighborhood , The school just graduated and applied for the training class , Fifty or sixty thousand , Twice , Finally, I got CCIE certificate . My first job in Shanghai was monthly salary 1W. We can see the power of this certificate !

four ,ORALCE certificate . Oracle database is the direction of a certificate . The gold content is not as practical as Cisco , But if you take the exam , You can also add points . Generally, this kind of certificate can only be obtained after on-the-spot training . So it's suitable for people with work experience . It falls into three categories :OCA certificate ,OCP certificate ,OCM certificate .

1.OCA English full name Oracle Certified Associate, It's an entry-level qualification .

2.OCP English full name Oracle Certified Professionals, It's a professional certificate .

3.OCM English full name Oracle Certified Master, It's a senior qualification certificate .

How many levels are there in university computer ?
( Generally speaking, computer majors have passed CET-4 after graduation )
There are four levels of computers .75% Over two ,15% Level 3 ,1% Level 4 .
First level computer foundation ,word and windows operating system
Simple programming of secondary computer language
Level 3 computer language programming and related majors
Level 4 is equivalent to the level of junior programmer , If you don't want to be in the computer industry , I just want to get a certificate , Only three grades is enough