1. brief introduction


Laravel Try to make the whole PHP Experience development ( Including your local development environment ) It's pleasant . Vagrant Provides a simple , Elegant way to manage and configure virtual machines .

Homestead It's an official , Prepackaged Vagrant Box , It provides you with a good development environment , You don't need to install it on your local computer PHP,Web Server and any other server software .

Don't worry about messing up your operating system ! Vagrant boxes It's totally one-off . If something goes wrong , You can destroy and recreate the box in a few minutes !

Homestead Available at any Windows,Mac or Linux Running on the system , And it includes Nginx,PHP,MySQL,PostgreSQL,Redis,Memcached,Node And develop excellent Laravel All other features required by the application .


If used Windows, You may need to enable hardware virtualization (VT-x). Usually through your BIOS Enable it .
If in UEFI Used on the system Hyper-V, It may also need to be disabled Hyper-V To access VT-x.


1.1 Included software


* Ubuntu 18.04
* Git
* PHP 7.4
* PHP 7.3
* PHP 7.2
* PHP 7.1
* PHP 7.0
* PHP 5.6
* Nginx
* lmm for MySQL or MariaDB database snapshots
* Sqlite3
* PostgreSQL (9.6, 10, 11, 12)
* Composer

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