1020 year 12 month 30
day , According to industry sources, SMIC has obtained a license from the U.S. Department of Commerce for the equipment needed for its mature manufacturing process . The source also said , The U.S. license for mature processes is issued in batches , One time distribution 4-5
Equipment for 10000 pieces of production capacity . According to jiwei.com , It has been confirmed by people in the industry , The news is true .

   Affected by the message , SMIC International Hong Kong stock ,A Share in 30 Day and 31 On the day of the cumulative stock rose 20.29% and 9.77%.

   stay 12 month 31
day , We also reported on it . although , We think , It is a high probability event that SMIC's mature process license is approved by the US Department of Commerce ( That night, we contacted relevant people to confirm the news , I haven't been contacted before ), But if, as the rumor says , SMIC has obtained mature process license , So it should be in the
30 On that day or that night 31 Make an announcement on the next day , Today at the latest (2021 year 1 month 3 day ) It should also be announced at night .

   But as of this evening , At the time of publication of this article , SMIC International did not release the relevant announcement .

   And last night , We learned from the insiders of a famous American equipment manufacturer , The company is not licensed to supply mature process equipment to SMIC .

   today , We got the same information from the insiders of another famous American equipment manufacturer .

“ At present, we can only help SMIC to install and repair machines ( The parts are made by SMIC before and can be replaced ), But other equipment and parts sales and technical support are still frozen . Only installed , The engineers who repair the machine can get in touch with them , Other relevant personnel are basically out of contact .”
An insider of a US Department equipment manufacturer told us .

   So is it possible that some other American equipment manufacturer has obtained the license ?

   Another US semiconductor equipment manufacturer insiders also said , They have already all withdrawn the personnel stationed in SMIC international , And so far, the relevant equipment and parts and technical support are frozen , There's only one thing you can do to install a machine .

   obviously , From what we know so far , Previously, the so-called “ SMIC has obtained the license of mature process ” It's completely false news .

  “ last time (2020 year 9 month ) Reuters report to restrict international exports to SMIC (10 month 4
SMIC international announcement confirmation Limited ), In fact, the US Department of Commerce has already informed our company , At that time, our company was already applying for permission . however , most LOW
What kind of equipment do you have , The U.S. Department of Commerce has gone through the process alone for at least a week . Now the US Department of Commerce has officially announced that SMIC will be included in the list of entities , What our company means is ,
More stringent measures should be taken , So even technical support was withdrawn .”

   Plus 12 The impact of the Christmas holiday in the second half of the month , It's unlikely that permission will be obtained so soon this time .

   in addition , Last year 12 month 18 In the evening , U.S. Department of Commerce Bureau of industry and security (BIS) Officially announced SMIC to be included in the list of entities , And said “ SMIC in advanced technology node (10
Nanometer or below ) What is needed to produce semiconductors is presumed to be rejected ” After the news of , We also pointed out in the relevant articles ,14nm reach 7nm Many of our devices are universal , SMIC international from N14 reach N+2
Process technology is very much the same equipment , So how to define which equipment is prohibited from export itself is a difficult thing .

  “ There are really few in the industry nm Process equipment ,10nm The following process , A lot of equipment is still used 14nm,28nm Even older . We sell it to SMIC N14
Our equipment , In fact, it's still TSMC N5 Our equipment . What equipment can be sold , What can't be sold , It's too hard to be sure .” An insider of an American semiconductor equipment factory said to us .

   therefore , From the current information , previous “ SMIC has obtained the mature process license in the United States ” It's probably false . The purpose is likely to be to “ Manipulating SMIC's share price in Hong Kong ”.2020 year 12 month
30 day ,31 Two trading days , SMIC's Hong Kong stock price has risen by more than 10% 20%, The cumulative amplitude of stock price in the two days is close 27%.

   It is worth noting that , According to Reuters , International Index Company FTSE Russell said , Is studying the U.S. Treasury's “ Military end user list ” guide , Will be on 2021 year 1 month 4
A statement was issued on May 15 , Any new ( On the list ) The shares will be deleted on 2021 year 1 month 7 It will take effect from the beginning of the day .

   Except FTSE Russell , NASDAQ ,MSCI
A number of international index companies also deleted the list of Chinese stocks . NASDAQ announced earlier , Will SMIC International , Four Chinese companies, including CRRC, were removed from their index portfolio , Already 12 month 21 Effective on .MSCI
It will also come from 2021 year 1 month 5 From May , Remove SMIC from International Index Series , Hikvision and other 10 stocks .