First of all, briefly introduce yourself , At present, seven years of front-end practical project experience , Experience in a large factory , I have also been abroad . It's an old bird , This article is personal experience and experience , No blow, no black , To the point , I hope I can help you .

all 2020 Years , Do I still come here before school ?

        This is a question that many front-end newcomers often ask me , There are schoolboys and schoolgirls , There are also friends who want to change careers .

        In my mind ,“ Big front end Era ” From 15 It started at the end of the year , This year Vue And so the three frameworks began to be used in the first line , reach 17 Fire in , Even if you don't know how to find a job .

        From the development trend of the front end , Users pay more and more attention to page experience , Including interactive experience and response speed . So it is still “ Big front end Era ”, Front end is an indispensable part of the Internet .

        From this trend , The front end is still needed , Being needed has the value of being . Now it's time to learn , But I have to work hard .

How can I learn ?

The core of the front end is JS, This is necessary , Whether it's a novice or a classmate who has been working for several years , If JS The foundation is not solid , I suggest you buy one 《JS altitude 》 to glance at , This is a must read book . I'll flip it now and then .

        Many students have worked for several years , The business capability has been improved , But the interview time actually repeatedly bumps into the wall or the salary cannot raise ( There are more people in this group ), Most of the reasons are that the foundation is not solid enough .

How to choose the three frameworks ?

  reach 2020 year , The struggle of the three frameworks has basically come to an end ,Angular I've almost lost myself . Big companies will choose React( There is a lot of technology accumulation ), Small and medium-sized companies still tend to Vue, after all Vue It's easier to get started , Xiaobai can also use it , And in China, the ecological environment is stronger than the ecological environment React Of . Don't just say that ,17 In the year of ,React In China, the ecology is very fragile , There are few articles on the Internet , I don't know how to solve the problem when I make a mistake .

      So it is suggested that beginners learn first Vue, Students with work experience should not be limited to Vue, You can have a look Vue Source code of , Learn React, after all Vue There are many technical points that can be used for reference React Of .

Re upgrading of engineering system

      The progress of engineering is getting faster and faster , From the previous several files is a project evolved into scaffolding , Various dependent packages, etc .020
The engineering system will continue to be closed-loop in 2010 , It's no longer a scaffold . It's a combination IDE, Get through business attributes , Initialize from project , To write code , reach CI, To grayscale , To release
Form a relatively complete closed loop .

super APP lower —— Web  Redefinition of standards

        In recent years , Small program is a mess of fire . Even independent small program development this post .

        Before the appearance of wechat applet , Everybody is talking
Hybird,ReactNative, But in the end, it's just a technical carnival , There has been no injection of business attributes . And the emergence of small programs : On the one hand, tell the industry in the current equipment Webview
It's also very good , On the other hand, it tells the industry how to let the capable businesses in the super market APP Private domain operation on Internet . The disadvantages are also obvious : It may be difficult to produce the final industry standard ,Web It's going to be more fragmented .

Bring the front end closer to the business —— Serverless

        actually Serverless It's already connected with the front end , It's just that we may not have a sense .

        For example, we often use CDN, It's a kind of serverless The realization of . along with Serverless Step by step ,BFF
This layer of code will get rid of operation and maintenance , Machine allocation and other complex problems . This is what we should do , The realization of the server system , The benefit to the business is to reduce trial and error costs .

How to improve the core competitiveness ( For the working population )

      Just now , A lot of kids will find out , After a few years , There will be bottlenecks : Technology stands still , Pay doesn't go up . that , What should we do ?

* I know how to use frames , But not limited to the use of frameworks . at present Vue,React Or the fire stage , But remember to look at the underlying source code and architecture design when using the framework .
* JavaScript It's the core of the front end . As a basic skill , No matter how tools or frameworks change , understand JavaScript Bottom layer and design pattern
* Development of learning server . The front end gradually deals with the server , And many people are still writing pages , The phase of interface adjustment , Large factories or senior front-end Engineer Recruitment requires you to have node Development experience .
* Understanding front end Engineering .web Business is increasingly complex and diversified , Front end development from WebPage Mode oriented to WebApp Mode oriented . The front-end work needs multi person cooperation , Take into account
Project maintainability , Development quality , Normative and so on .
      If this article helps you , You can like to forward a wave , You can comment and point out mistakes , thank !

      Let's go on , The future is promising ! Our journey is the sea of stars !