<> Take a good name

Whether it's the package name , Class name or function method and variable , Don't name it casually , Like what foo, bar, a,b,c This meaningless name will contaminate your whole code

<> Think before you write code

Getting a requirement starts with analyzing the requirement , Dismantling problem , Breaking up big problems into smaller ones , The idea is clear, and the code is fast .

<> It works Google You don't need Baidu

Baidu found out the first thing is too much advertising , It's hard to identify , Second, the quality is too poor , It's easy to be biased .

<> Write notes

“ The best annotation is the code itself ”, This sentence is not an excuse for you not to write notes , Believe me, your code has been a long time and you don't know what it means . Adding comments where necessary is not only convenient for others to understand your code , It's also convenient for you .

<> Write unit test

Code without unit testing can't run , It's failure to make the right commitment to the expected results . Unit testing is a short-term investment return ratio is low , But the long-term investment return ratio is huge . Whether it's positioning or refactoring , Unit testing is like tying a safety wire .

<>dont repeat yourself

Do not repeat code more than twice , Learn to encapsulate similar code , Reduce code redundancy . Don't make wheels again , If you have a mature solution, you can use it directly , Don't think about achieving everything by yourself .

<> Do version management well

git It's a good thing

<> Don't show off your skills

Don't force fancy code into the code , Write according to the rules

<> Read more excellent code

Learn excellent open source code , This is the best way to improve yourself , It is not necessary to study a complete framework , Even a glimpse of the leopard is better than not seeing it .

<> Read more

Read more classic books , Evaluation of classic can go to Douban to see the score ,8.0 All the above books are worth reading

<> Blog

To write a blog is to precipitate what you think , By the way, it can also help others

<> Learn English well

No matter how poor your English is, you should be able to read English documents skillfully , Otherwise, we can only read second-hand information every day , The translation is not only not rigorous, but also not timely , After all, technology is changing .

<> keep healthy

Sit up straight , Otherwise, cervical problems will appear very early , Keep some exercise habits , If you don't work for three years, you'll have a belly , Don't stay up late , Make sure every day 6~8 Hours of sleep , Otherwise the hair will fall off early , It's also prone to sudden death

<> supplement

It's hard for programmers to pass “ technology ” This single skill earns money out of work , Technology management is not the best , It's about leadership , Big technology V It's not the best technology , But writing is excellent , Independent developer technology is not the best , But it has good product capability , Do programming online training is often able to put a knowledge point in simple language , The best programmers are all engaged in scientific research in the laboratory , So don't just stare “ technology ” This is a direction . Improve yourself in many ways , You don't need to be top in every field , In this era, people with stronger comprehensive ability create more value