The explanation is as follows :

No, I like to show off my English , This is just a way to show you the authority of information . Because after all, some of my opinions are different from the popular training . therefore , You have to quote the original English version , To dispel the reader's doubts .

In an informal sense, in Python we do things with stuff. “Things” take the
form of operations like addition and concatenation, and “stuff” refers to the
objects on which we perform those operations.

Some what more formally, in Python, data takes the form of objects—either
built-in objects that Python provides, or objects we create using Python
classes or external language tools such as C extension libraries.

The general meaning of the above is :

It's not very standard ,Python Do things with things , Doing things means operations like addition and linking , And the object is what we do with it ( object - object ).

Let's make it more standard , stay Python in , Data exists in the form of objects , Either Python Built in objects provided , Or we use it class Created , Or use external languages like C Library created .

1.Programs are composed of modules.

2.Modules contain statements.

3.Statements contain expressions.

4.Expressions create and process objects

These four sentences are very important , I'm in it

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