Microsoft is taking it seriously Windows 10 Interface remaking based on virtual reality , The company is now also exploring applications UI
improvement . Microsoft is considering some new design changes , These changes will affect the application in a non quiescent state ( Select , Hover, etc ) Lower display ListView And GridView
control , Buttons and other elements .

   The long rumored design upgrade has kept Microsoft busy for some time , We're already in Windows 10 I saw it in the movie Fluent Design
And start menu . In addition to system wide improvements , Microsoft will also provide XAML Application brings new user interface .

   The design proposed by Microsoft also aims to realize the round corner of the project , Include selection check boxes in multiple selection mode , Change over switch , Score bar , Hover effect, etc . According to the newly released document , The new design will make XAML Windows
Application and existing Web Keep up with mobile applications , meanwhile " stay Windows It looks familiar on the street ".

   at present ,Windows 10 In XAML Controls and Web
It is inconsistent with the development mode of mobile applications . In order to solve the problem of inconsistency , Microsoft is planning to change the switch , Default appearance of slider and rating controls . The general purpose is to achieve the goal in the whole process Windows 10
Achieve more overall consistency in , from PWA To all kinds of Windows Store application . Future Windows 10
There may be round windows , Button , kvm , slider , dialog box ,ListView And GridView control , Select menu, etc .

   Except for the fillet , These application areas are in the selection , Hovering or other non resting state , There will be others Fluent Design effect . for example ,ListView
Control now has a scale identifier , The outer border is now more visible .

   It is worth noting that , It's just a question " draft ", It's not in the development or testing phase , So there is no guarantee that it will really be finalized in the future Windows 10 Used in .

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